Access the World’s Premier Cable, Broadcast and Direct-to-Home Systems

Maximize your Audience Reach with Video Neighborhoods

Video neighborhoods provide programmers and broadcasters with access to the largest global media network including premier cable, broadcast and direct-to-home systems across six continents. A combination of just four of our satellites provides instant global video distribution, reaching nearly 100% of cable monetization outlets, while other neighborhoods provide targeted access to high demand markets.


Intelsat offers dedicated capacity on over 35 strategically located video neighborhoods around the world

Through access to thousands of cable headends, IPTV systems, broadcast towers, and our direct-to-home (DTH) platforms, content is distributed across Intelsat’s video neighborhoods and instantly connects to over 500 million TV households.

Intelsat’s unmatched cable headend penetration and numerous direct-to-home platforms

Additionally, multi-channel per carrier platforms are also located in high-demand orbital locations providing programmers with a cost-effective way to gain the full benefits video neighborhoods have to offer including beam strength, coverage, and vast audience reach.

Cable, Broadcast, and Direct-to-Home Video Neighborhoods by Region

intelsat global video neighborhood map

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