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Terrestrial Network

Reliable, Efficient, Flexible Fiber Transport

Operate seamlessly with our satellite technology to support hybrid satellite and fiber connectivity, with access to multiple platforms and teleports.

The IntelsatOne Terrestrial Network


Our terrestrial network serves as a vital part of our globalized network. Working in concert with the Intelsat satellite fleet, it enables resilient, cost-effective connectivity when and where it’s needed most.

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Expanded Coverage Without the Costly Investment

The IntelsatOne terrestrial network combines the power and reach of our extensive fiber network with our strategically located teleport system, working collectively and seamlessly with our satellite network. The power of this unique network combines the most cost-effective balance between space and terrestrial assets, enabling customers to rapidly deploy new end-to-end services with minimal investment, maximum flexibility, and optimal reliability and security.

Meet Customer Needs at the Speed of Life

Whether your organization needs to deliver video, data, or voice content, IntelsatOne’s expanded services, such as internet route-free core, traffic separation via Internet Protocol/Multiprotocol Label Switching (IP/MPLS) based VPN capabilities, and service-layer embedded security offer the peace of mind you and your customers expect.

Technical and Operational Excellence Within Reach

The IntelsatOne IP/MPLS-based fiber network offers reliable, efficient, and flexible transport of your linear and non-linear media content across multiple regions. Integrated with multi-channel per carrier (MCPC) platforms and IntelsatOne teleport services, you’re supported with end-to-end media delivery solutions and connections to media hubs, service providers, and other customers worldwide. And your services are entirely managed and monitored by Intelsat.

Wherever You are, Intelsat Keeps You Connected

Engineered to Meet Customers’ Needs

  • Converged IP/MPLS-based 10G/100G capable network fully integrated with our teleports, point of presence (PoP), and satellite fleet means the full complement of Intelsat services can be delivered with higher capacity and throughput.
  • Through our upgraded IP/MPLS-based traffic engineering infrastructure, customers get guaranteed bandwidth for high-availability services.
  • A fully redundant network, including facilities, equipment, PoP, and fiber paths means there’s no single point of failure, protecting customer uptime and allowing Intelsat to upgrade hardware and software without interrupting services. It also provides multiple paths between any two service endpoints within the Intelsat network.
  • Global reach with access to over 120 PoPs across 60 cities allows customers to connect to a PoP near them—reducing circuit costs. Using PCCW Global and BT as terrestrial partners also allows Intelsat to greatly expand its global footprint.
  • Zero over-subscription provides enhanced security and allows guaranteed bandwidth for critical services.
  • Most IntelsatOne PoPs are accessible through at least three different paths allowing you to redirect services across the network during a planned (or unplanned) outage. It also means Intelsat can continue to supply support services in the case of multiple outages.
  • Customers gain access to the around-the-clock availability, experience, and knowledge of the Intelsat team. End-to-end service management and 24/7 monitoring of managed services leverage our technical and operational excellence.
  • All customer traffic can be secured using robust data encryption.
  • Direct access to Google content using multiple peering points across the globe allows customers to access Google public services without ever leaving the Intelsat platform.
  • Direct access to Azure using multiple peering points across the globe allows customers to host and access cloud services without ever leaving the Intelsat platform.
  • Assistance is always available through Intelsat Teleport services.

Not Sure Where to Start?

Tell us more about your connectivity needs and our experts will find a solution that serves your organization.

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