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Border Protection

Intelsat supports two-way voice, full-motion video, high-speed data transfers, as well as...


Dave Wajsgras Comments on Intelsat Transaction

Intelsat CEO Dave Wajsgras shares thoughts on SES-Intelsat combination....

farmer in Africa with tablet

Empowering the Future of Africa Through Connectivity

As the global leader in satellite communications, we’ve been connecting Africa with...

ISPs, MNOs, and Telcos
Airplane passengers

Non-stop Innovation that Delivers Exceptional Passenger Experiences

Take a journey through Intelsat’s leadership and presence at the forefront of inflight...

Commercial Aviation
satellite in orbit
Corporate Information

Harnessing the Potential of Space to Connect the Earth

Integrated satellite and terrestrial network solutions...

Ambulance equipped with Kymeta HAWK u8
Product Information

Kymeta HAWK u8 Powered by Intelsat FlexMove

The Kymeta HAWK u8 is a low-profile, electronically steered satellite terminal for global...

Land Mobility

Intelsat FlexMaritime for Offshore

Reliable connectivity at sea for offshore operations with FlexMaritime...

enterprise connectivity Earth

Coming Together to Extend Enterprise Connectivity Everywhere

Intelsat and Microsoft are enabling enterprises to transcend challenging connectivity...

ISPs, MNOs, and Telcos

Improving Lives in West Africa

In the most far-reaching corners of the world, Intelsat is working to improve the lives...

ISPs, MNOs, and Telcos
flex network satellite in orbit
Product Information

Intelsat Flex Network

By integrating the Flex network into your network, you add a powerful solution that...


Intelsat Making a Positive Impact in Space and on Earth

Intelsat is making an impact in space and on the planet, promoting sustainability,...

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