PRODUCT Multi-Channel per Carrier (MCPC) Satellite Platforms

A Cost Effective Way to Launch New Channels

Programmers face a unique challenge – meeting the demands of hundreds of millions of viewers, while juggling several infrastructures and distribution models. They need a simple, end-to-end solution to maximize reach and minimize costs.

With platforms on prime cable and leading DTH platform satellites, Intelsat has you covered for global or region-specific channel distribution. Programmers are provided with immediate access to highly sought after video neighborhoods and millions of viewers worldwide.

MCPC platforms are fully integrated with IntelsatOne fiber and teleport services.

Content is handed off to one of Intelsat’s worldwide teleports, encoded, multiplexed into one carrier and efficiently broadcasted using the power of a fully saturated transponder. By utilizing the MCPC platform, programmers simplify operations and reduce spend while more efficiently expanding their business globally.


Our MCPC services include:

20 C-band and Ku-band platforms for prime cable distribution and leading direct-to-home satellites

Multiple platforms, which when combined provide for global coverage  

Specific platforms to provide more targeted geographic coverage 

24/7 customer service, monitoring, and management

Benefits with Intelsat

Reach viewers with a global footprint

Pay only for what you use

Utilize the high efficiency of a saturated transponder

Test new markets using a low risk, low cost strategy

Distribute one or a small group of a channels, reliably and efficiently

Operate more efficiently with an end-to-end solution

Regional MCPC Availability
Region Satellite Band Video Neighborhood
Latin America IS-21 C-band Premier Cable Neighborhood
Latin America IS-14 C-band Emerging HD & 4K Neighborhood
Latin America IS-34 C-band Premier Cable Neighborhood
North America G-13 C-band Premier HD & 3D Programming
North America G-14 C-band Premier T1 Cable Programming
North America G-17 C-band Premier Regional & League Sports
North America G-19 C-band US Full-time & OU Distribution
North America G-19 Ku-band Ethnic DTH Neighborhood
North America G-23 C-band Multicultural, Specialty Programming & Sport
Europe, Middle East, Africa IS-20 C-band Transcontinental Hotspot from Europe to East Asia
Asia Pacific IS-19 Ku-band Australia & New Zealand
Asia Pacific IS-19 C-band Pacific Rim Distribution & South Pacific
Asia Pacific IS-17 C-band Transcontinental Hotspot from Europe to Western Australia

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