Support From the Time Your Satellite Leaves the Rocket

Leverage our Experience to Maintain Your Satellite or Fleet

Whether you’re an existing satellite operator looking to reduce satellite operational expenses, or a new satellite operator just getting into the market, Intelsat provides flight operations and engineering services for the entire satellite lifecycle.

Intelsat’s Satellite Flight Operations and Engineering services are provided from two geographically diverse operations centers manned 24/7/365. Using a combination of dedicated and full motion rover Tracking, Telemetry and Command antenna systems, Intelsat operates and maintains over 72 GEO satellites today (52 Intelsat and 20 customer-owned), including satellites from all major manufacturers.
Intelsat’s Flight Operation Services provide:

Support for Multiple Orbits

Flight Control System Creation, Test and Integration Support

Operation Center Redundancy

Satellite Efficiency and Performance Improvements

Regulatory Expertise

Emergency TT&C Restoral Resources

TT&C Antenna Sourcing

Coordinate Support & Training

De-Orbit Support

Supporting Your Satellite Through all Phases of the Lifecycle

Transfer Orbit Support Service

Intelsat’s Transfer Orbit Support Services (TOSS aka LEOP) support all types of GEO Transfer Orbit missions, including chemical, hybrid, and pure electric propulsion, delivering a smooth and safe transition to your orbital service slot. Intelsat offers:

  • Highly experienced satellite operations staff who manage and direct the ground stations during the transfer orbit mission
  • Support for multiple simultaneous missions while maintaining network availability for overlapping missions
  • Over 60 ground antenna systems located at 20 globally dispersed ground stations providing coverage in C-, Ku-, Ku BSS, and Ka-bands
  • High-network availability: Dual, and in some cases triple, redundant and diverse network connectivity for every ground station
  • Around-the-clock antenna availability and ability to switch between antenna locations and/or antenna systems to ensure mission continuity
  • Hindrance coordination to ensure satellites move and operate with minimal interference to existing operational satellites during the transfer orbit
  • Regulatory support to ensure accurate and timely submissions and to resolve regulatory challenges

In Orbit Testing

Testing the onboard equipment of your newly launched satellite can ensure a healthy life cycle for your spacecraft. Our services include:

  • IOT slot identification, regulatory coordination and IOT permits filing with adjacent operators, generation and execution of test plan
  • Portable in-orbit testing system that can be easily installed at a customer-designated facility
  • Optional network-only service with no visibility into IOT data for customer anonymity
  • Automated measurement stations located around the world
  • C-, Ku-, Ku-BSS, Ka-bands and UHF payloads supported

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