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Elevate Your Airline’s Inflight Experience with Multi-orbit Connectivity

Convenient, consistent inflight connectivity that soars. Depart on your knowledge journey here.

Commercial airlines must balance the importance of the passenger experience, which is influenced by comfort and convenience, the crews’ need for resources to complete their duties with ease and efficiency, and security and safety protocols. With Intelsat’s inflight connectivity services, commercial aviation can provide a dynamic experience for passengers, empower crew with the latest onboard systems and increase efficiency.

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Exceptional Inflight Experiences

Discover new ways to elevate your passengers and crew from 30,000 feet. Learn more about our comprehensive solutions for providing a reliable in-flight experience.

Industry-Leading Support

Discover our industry-leading support services for inflight connectivity, backed by over 50 years of experience.

Proven, Reliable Solutions

Discover Intelsat's proven and reliable connectivity solutions for delivering exceptional inflight experiences.

Empower your passengers, crew and airline.

When it comes to offering connectivity services, each airline has its own requirements.  Intelsat inflight connectivity solutions provide a convenient, cost-effective avenue to improve both passenger and crew experiences while providing your personnel with easy-to-use tools that reduce the complexity of their day-to-day activities. Passengers are connected, entertained, and informed. Flight crews access information in real-time to streamline processes and enhance operational efficiency. It all starts with a flexible approach to meeting your unique needs.

An exceptional inflight experience rests on the availability of convenient, consistent and reliable connectivity. The recent Intelsat Inflight Connectivity (IFC) survey, asking airlines and service providers what they believe IFC held in the future, found that:

predict an increase in inflight passengers who expect connectivity
predict an increase for remote, work-based applications
anticipate cabin crew will have an increased interest in applications to engage passengers
Intelsat’s Innovative Electronically Steered Array (ESA) Antenna

Streaming, emailing, researching, gaming – you name it – and it can be done in flight with the power of Intelsat’s multi-orbit satellite network.

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