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Live event coverage is unpredictable. For broadcasters, it is important to make sure your news and sports content is timely, relevant, and reliably distributed to viewers. From unreliable coverage, latency issues, and low-quality video feeds, there are many factors that determine the success of a live broadcast.

We provide broadcasters with the coverage they need to connect their viewers to live event action

From satellite news gathering, sports and special event coverage, to studio-to-studio backhaul, broadcasters need to instantly manage their broadcast requirements with turnkey, reliable solutions. With Intelsat, access the largest pool of Occasional Use capacity available, from virtually anywhere across the globe. Intelsat’s flexible Occasional Use networks provide broadcasters with the greatest reach, reliability, security, and quality of service available for live event coverage. By virtue of Intelsat’s uncontended, dedicated capacity on key satellite routes for the global contribution of live events, you can quickly extend your reach into any market.

Occasional Use from Intelsat is backed by the strength and resiliency of the IntelsatOne terrestrial network including teleport uplinking, downlinking encoding and decoding, format conversion and fiber transport. Whether you need us for as little as 15 minutes, multi-hour or multi-month broadcasting, Intelsat OU service is the leader in the industry for meeting your programming requirements. 

The Intelsat Occasional Use Service Center offers broadcasters 24/7 booking and operations support for capacity on our global satellite fleet and IntelsatOne terrestrial network, including fiber and IP transport. By connecting to one of our strategically located Points of Presence or one of our five teleports dedicated to media services, you can deliver your live event coverage to viewers anywhere in the world.

Intelsat Media Teleports:

Atlanta, Georgia
Hagerstown, Maryland
Napa, California
Riverside, California
Fuchsstadt, Germany

For access to your existing OU services with Intelsat, visit the OU Corner on MyIntelsat to review your services and look for available capacity.


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