SOLUTION Satellite, Fiber, and Teleport Services

The Flexibility to Meet Evolving Connectivity Demands

Flexible Infrastructure for End-to-End Solutions

Deliver end-to-end connectivity solutions with Intelsat’s wide-beam satellites and Intelsat Epic wide- and spot-beam satellites that provide coverage across the C-, Ku-, and Ka-band frequencies.
  • Our open-architecture philosophy allows customers to leverage whatever ground equipment and vendors they’d like, eliminating lock-in associated with proprietary systems
  • With forward compatibility, services won’t become obsolete as ground technology advances
  • Backward compatibility from generations of Intelsat satellites enables customer use of existing network infrastructure and customer-preferred network topology for lower total costs

Satellite, Fiber, and Teleport Services Products

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ISPs, MNOs, and Telcos
Leased Wholesale Capacity

You Control the Bandwidth, the Equipment, and the Experience

For decades, telecommunications providers, media broadcasters, mobile-network operators, maritime and aviation service providers, governments, and non-governmental organizations and more have leased wholesale capacity from Intelsat to deliver dependable service and support remote user applications around the globe.

Satellite Capacity Service is one of Intelsat’s most flexible offerings, allowing customers with satellite expertise to lease satellite bandwidth on one or more separate transponders and/or satellites.

You control the network configuration, service packages and coverage, antenna types, network topology – it’s up to you how to incorporate Intelsat’s 99.995% availability into your solutions.

With Intelsat’s global fleet of over 50 satellites coupled with the robust IntelsatOne terrestrial network, customers are able to deliver primary and back-up services to 99% of the world’s populated regions.

Not Sure Where to Start?

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