Simple Connectivity for Complex Environments

Maintaining secure borders requires vigilance, mobility, and connectivity. However, continuous and comprehensive communications can be challenging in border environments given the sheer distances, the diverse terrains and weather.

Multi-orbit solutions integrate the benefits of satellites in various earth orbits (Low Earth Orbit, Medium Earth Orbit and Geostationary Orbit).

Intelsat’s Multi-Layer Communications System (MLCS) was specifically designed to help Public Safety, First Responders, and Mission Critical end-users like Border Security officers realize the potential of SatCom by providing a direct, Over-The-Air interface to the standard issue mission-critical devices they rely on.

Intelsat MLCS Benefits for Border Security

  • Easy, fast service setup virtually anywhere
  • Multiple networks add redundancy, remove single points of failure
  • Wireless Voice, Data, and Encryption extended Beyond Line Of Sight with Global Reach
  • Maintain remote monitoring, diagnostics, configuration, and Blue Force Tracking when land-based networks are lost
  • 24x7 Intelsat ISOC phone and email support
  • Cleared personnel and facilities available
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