Resilient Connectivity for Inflight Comms

Maintain information superiority anywhere with inflight broadband connectivity. With multi-layered high throughput satellite service, you’ll have access to voice, video and data anywhere you need it.

The need for uninterrupted connectivity to small mobile terminals supporting mission-critical applications and UAVs has long been an indisputable and non-negotiable requirement for government and NGO aviation.

Government agencies and global government organizations with increasingly complex and unpredictable data requirements need access to secure, reliable connectivity to accomplish their mission anywhere in the world – including in the air.

Intelsat’s aeronautical solutions leverage our high throughput satellite technology, fully integrated with our expansive satellite and terrestrial network to deliver resilient, reliable, high-performance connectivity for governments and emergency response teams, ensuring the success of critical air and space missions and the safety of those involved.

Whether responding to an emergency situation, running an ISR operation, or executing other mission-critical activities, the importance of secure, reliable, global connectivity cannot be overstated for government, global government or NGO aircraft and must remain a top priority to ensure the safety and success of any mission.

With our secure, global network, you can have broadband mobile connectivity at speeds that dwarf legacy narrow band solutions, whether for en-route communications, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance missions, disaster recovery or remote operations.

We provide:

Seamless network of Ku-band mobility beams for key mobile transport routes worldwide

Always-on broadband at committed information rates and at a fixed cost

Automatic beam switching for seamless connectivity

Antenna sizes as small as 30cm

Air Products for Governments/NGOs

IGS Border Protection Mobile 400x440 1
Border Protection
isr hero mobile

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