Your Partner Through All Phases of Launch Management

After building your satellite, preparing for launch is one of the most critical stages, which also requires rigorous verification activities.

With Intelsat as your launch partner, you can rest assured that you are in expert hands and can tap into our experience of successfully launching more than 145 spacecraft from six different manufacturers on 10 different launch vehicles.

Leverage Intelsat’s Launch Management Expertise and Network

With Intelsat Launch Services, you’ll enjoy:
Utilize our 50+ years of experience and the highest success rate in the industry to help ensure success. Intelsat has the right team to recommend the ideal launch vehicles for any satellite mass and orbit.
An Extensive Network
Gain access to our extensive network of launch provider relationships. You’ll also gain visibility into launch providers’ mission practices, launch schedules and launch-base monitoring.
RFI/RFP Support
We’ll help you define requirements, manage negotiations and work with launch insurance vendors. We’ll also provide engineering support for satellite and launch vehicle integration.
Launch Vehicle Analysis
You will have complete validation of launch vehicle capabilities and performance analysis, including adherence to program objectives, and reviews for compatibility with the spacecraft for items such as structural, thermal, space environment, and vehicle compatibility.
Launch Services Procurement
Let Intelsat help you with evaluation and procurement of launch services. We will provide a Launch Program Manager who will provide oversight of the launch vehicle contract to help ensure success. Support includes interface control documents, mission analysis, launcher environments analysis and evaluation, dynamic and thermal analysis, safety analysis, vibrations and shock analysis and all launch site operation plans.
Launch Execution
Take advantage of decades of launch expertise. Intelsat will establish a pre-launch field office at the launch site to monitor the integration of the spacecraft with the launch vehicle. We will also monitor integration and testing of the satellite with the launch vehicle and conduct launch readiness reviews, launch rehearsals, and oversee go/no-go decisions. You will receive status and progress reports related to launch throughout the process.

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