Extend the Reach of Enterprise Solutions and Business Services

The need for quality global connectivity continues to grow, but traditional broadband and fiber connectivity may not be available or dependable everywhere your customers need it, complicating your ability to meet expectations.

Intelsat FlexEnterprise Allows You to Deliver

Expand the reach of your solutions regardless of the availability of local telecom infrastructure and without terrestrial network buildout or complicated satellite management. Whether you need to concentrate capacity where you know your customers need it or reduce the risk of expanding connectivity into new areas where you haven’t yet established a footprint.

And depending on your needs and experience, service providers and integrators who are new to satellite can take advantage of FlexEnterprise just as easily as service providers with years of satellite experience.

Extend your reach with FlexEnterprise
Control the Economics of Your Offering
Experienced satellite service providers can act as a virtual network operator (VNO) and gain regional or global coverage without major capital expense.
Global Connectivity and Unlimited Plans
Integrators, enterprises, and carriers that need a simple way to deliver site-by-site connectivity can use FlexEnterprise Unlimited Plans to fill network gaps and extend enterprise-grade connectivity to all your customers’ locations.
Digitize the Distributed Enterprise
In addition to public internet connectivity and private-network handoffs, integrated gateways allow you to extend public cloud applications and services to virtually any location.
Service Delivery Done Right
Our easy-to-use Service Management Portal enables you to provision services, enable new sites, and monitor activity in real time.

Increase the Value of Your
SD-WAN Offering

For enterprises and service providers with existing SD-WAN deployments, adding a non-terrestrial solution like FlexEnterprise to your mix of underlay networks can improve performance and resiliency and reduce site deployment time.

Not Sure Where to Start?

Tell us more about your connectivity needs and our experts will find a solution that serves your organization.

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