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With Intelsat’s Consulting Services, you have the experts on your side from day one as we work with you through all aspects of a satellite procurement to ensure a successful mission, from satellite design and construction to acquisition of a launch vehicle, to final satellite integration. Our experienced teams ensure design, manufacturing and launch services are executed according to contractual and technical specifications, with a focus on delivering performance, efficiency, security, schedule, and cost advantages.

Intelsat’s Consulting Services covers three primary areas of support:
Satellite Construction Oversight
Regulatory Services
Launch Management Services

Satellite Construction Oversight

When you work with Intelsat, you have the foundational architects of satellite technology guiding you through all stages of satellite construction. With Intelsat, you’ll enjoy:

Manufacturer Engagement

Flight-proven Technologies

Breadth of Satellite Experience

Technical Continuity throughout the Process

Regulatory Services

We put our decades of experience to work in helping you navigate a continuously evolving regulatory framework. Our dedicated in-house regulatory team and global partners provide the following services to help you maximize your orbit resources and overcome regulatory challenges.

ITU Filing and Meeting Support

Satellite Network Coordination

Feasibility Analysis

License Application Support

Launch Services

With Intelsat’s launch management services, you are in expert hands and can tap into our experience of successfully launching over 145 spacecraft from six different manufacturers on 10 different launch vehicles. Learn more

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