In late August, Intelsat announced plans to acquire the Commercial Aviation business of Gogo, thereby bringing together two industry powerhouses to redefine the inflight broadband experience for airlines and passengers

Today, we are pleased to announce that Gogo Commercial Aviation is officially part of the Intelsat family. It will operate as an Intelsat business division under John’s ongoing leadership.  

We are both incredibly excited about what lies ahead for our newly integrated company.

No company is better positioned to innovate business models and managed services that enable airlines to profitably deliver quality inflight broadband connectivity to every passenger and every device on every flight. We’re committed to the sustainable, long-term growth of the inflight connectivity market. 

A Commitment to Long-Term Investment and Inflight Connectivity Growth

Intelsat is committed to creating sustainable, long-term growth for commercial airlines with innovative business models, production roadmaps and managed services for inflight entertainment and connectivity (IFEC). As an integrated company, we are in a unique position to deliver IFEC solutions capable of meeting an airline’s current, and future, growth and customer-loyalty objectives.

Our vertical integration means we have complete control to deliver the required bandwidth when and where airlines need it. Airlines will not have to make tradeoffs between speed, reliability, availability and coverage for inflight internet — even when flying at full capacity over busy airport hubs. We will deliver “at-home-like” inflight internet to everyone, and every device, on board our connected aircraft in just a few years’ time. 

Over the next decade, consumer demand for inflight connectivity (IFC) is projected to grow by double digits. We are prepared to help commercial airlines capitalize on that growth, driving new revenue and brand-loyalty opportunities for them, and the entire aviation industry.

Better Together: Our Unparalleled Inflight Connectivity Capabilities and Expertise  

Intelsat operates the world’s largest integrated global telecommunications network, with 51 satellites and fully integrated ground infrastructure. We continue to invest in expanding our next-generation, software-defined capabilities. Our open-architecture network allows seamless compatibility with evolving connectivity technologies.

Gogo Commercial Aviation currently serves 21 commercial airlines, including nine of the top 20 global carriers. These airlines each have a mission to create an exceptional passenger experience and airline brand preference. They have insisted on quality broadband connectivity, and, thereby, propelled the Gogo Commercial Aviation business into a  leading market position

The expertise of our combined organization is also unparalleled, allowing us to tap into a broad range of expertise. Working together, we will pursue new and innovative ways to enhance our service offerings and deliver for our customers.

Imagine the possibilities of what can be delivered, and how many more passengers we can connect, by bringing together the collective capabilities of Intelsat and Gogo Commercial Aviation.

In the months and years ahead, we look forward to building on this foundation and propelling our newly integrated company to even greater heights.