Secure Communication Across Land, Air, Sea, and Space

Across domains, government teams, NGOs, and defense agencies around the world rely on Intelsat’s reliable, secure connectivity for mission-critical decision making.

When moments matter, Intelsat delivers.

Intelsat’s multi-layered, multi-orbit, unified network uses a space-based sensor and communications architecture to be “Future Force Ready” for all-domain success.

Fully Interoperable
Warfighters can use AI-driven decision making, precision targeting, and advanced C5ISR capabilities to orchestrate operations—anytime, anywhere.
Multi-layered, multi-orbit connectivity blends bandwidth from LEO and GEO satellites, fiber, LTE, and 5G networks to deliver unprecedented resiliency.
A unified architecture allows for selection from single or multiple paths through the network to flexibly meet security and application requirements.
Quality of Service
Intelsat’s global experts help you bridge the digital divide with one of the world’s largest and most advanced, multi-layered connectivity infrastructures.
Positioned for Ground Forces

See how FlexMove is uniquely positioned to provide teams with secure, agile, and high-performing connectivity. Our terminals are small and easy to deploy for coverage where it’s needed most.

Vital ISR for Action Against Threats

Learn how to develop your technological capabilities for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR)—and a winning edge. Protect against increasing cybersecurity risk and facilitate the timely and secure transmission of information.

Mission Success in the Skies

Explore the most reliable way to manage the ever-changing requirements of airborne missions. Whether needing to connect UAVs and drones or transmit data across platforms for real-time C5ISR, FlexAir makes it possible.

Redefining Mobile Communications

Find out how terminal developments like the phased-array antenna and advanced modulation are improving mobile connectivity. Lending to bandwidth reliability and faster data transmission, this is only the beginning.

Multi-Orbit Is the Answer

On top of your teams and initiatives, there are now connected sensors, wearables, and weapons to smartly manage. The rapid rise of quantum computing, machine learning, and artificial intelligence also brings risk to your data security. Intelsat’s multi-layered, multi-orbit technology helps you tackle all this—and more.

PACE image

Learn how Intelsat leads with Primary, Alternate, Contingency, and Emergency (PACE) connectivity options to ensure continuity in any scenario and through any conditions.

Fail-safe connectivity means all the critical “things” will work—and your teams can act with confidence.

There’s no room for comms gaps, limited bandwidth, or disparate systems, the upper hand is here now —LEO Satellite Services for exclusive U.S. government use.

Read about how you can stop battling legacy solutions and move away from aircraft for ISR.

LEO image
Border security image

Learn how to overcome challenges like geography and interoperability—and even potential failure—at the border.

Integrate advanced technologies like Project 25 (P25) with multi-orbit satellite.

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