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Intelsat Enables Merchant Maritime to Reduce Carbon Footprint

August 02, 2022 Global Network Maritime Partners Maritime

Intelsat provides consistent and secure connectivity that enables real-time applications that save vessels fuel, time and money. At a time when governments and scientists alike are pushing industries to cut their carbon emissions, Intelsat’s maritime connectivity solutions streamline processes at sea to lower fuel consumption for the global ship ... Read More

Preparing Disaster Recovery Solutions for the Caribbean and Central America Regions

July 27, 2022 Global Network ISPs, MNOs, and Telcos Partners ISPs, MNOs, and Telcos

In a previous post, we highlighted the work Intelsat is doing with mobile operators in hurricane-prone regions to help ensure service continuity in the face of recurring extreme weather events. Strengthening cellular networks is a crucial part of immediate post-storm recovery, as well as the long-term development and productivity of a region. Just ... Read More

Smooth Sailing: How Intelsat FlexMaritime Connects Yachts at Sea

July 25, 2022 Maritime Maritime

Delivering reliable, high-quality satellite connectivity for a relaxing and entertaining journey For those looking to get away, the tranquility of sailing on a private yacht or personal boat is unmatched, yet going hours without connectivity can increase stress levels and lead to a poor leisure experience for both passengers and crew members. When ... Read More

Intelsat at Farnborough: Commercial Aviation’s Small but Mighty UK Presence

July 18, 2022 Aviation Aviation

Farnborough’s Air Show isn’t the town’s only claim to fame. The airport of the same name is home sweet home to a small division of Intelsat Commercial Aviation residing just north of the runway. The team plays a critical role in the smooth installation, operation and maintenance of Intelsat’s inflight connectivity for airlines across E ... Read More

Intelsat Marks Second Successful Year Partnering with STEM Learning Provider MaxIQ

July 14, 2022

Intelsat has graduated another group of students in the second year of its STEM partnershipwith MaxIQ. Four groups of students from five African countries presented design concepts forsatellites supporting the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on June 29. Intelsat in coordination with MaxIQ (formerly Xinabox) provides students ... Read More

Galaxy 19: Audience Research Reveals Strong Viewership in North America

July 06, 2022 Media Media

By: Andrew Haden, Intelsat Product Commercialization Manager, Media North America has long been a hub to a diverse group of immigrant and multicultural communities who are looking to watch content from back home. A recent audience study shows these communities are continuing to grow in the United States, increasing the demand for multicultural and ... Read More

Empowering DRC Through Improved Connectivity

June 07, 2022 ISPs, MNOs, and Telcos ISPs, MNOs, and Telcos

Did you know more than 49 million people live in remote or rural regions of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)? In those regions, more than 32 million live in an area without a minimum of 3G. Broadband access is widely recognized as a catalyst for social and economic development and gaps in connectivity impact ... Read More

Preparing for “Above Average” Atlantic Ocean Hurricane Season Forecast

May 26, 2022

Intelsat Continues to Sharpen Disaster Recovery Capabilities The 2021 Atlantic hurricane season was the third most active year ever,according to the National Hurricane Center. The season produced 21 named storms, with total damages estimated at $80.683 billion (USD). Experts are predicting the 2022 season will also be above average. As the severit ... Read More

Students Experience Intelsat‘s STEM Space Learning in Africa

May 25, 2022

Intelsat’s second annual Africa STEM Space Challenge is well underway. Intelsat’s partnership with MaxIQ Space (formerly Xinabox) delivers its Xinabox Space STEM (space, technology, engineering, and math) program to teenagers across the African continent. The intensive program culminates in students designing, building, and launching ... Read More

Latin America Market Watch 2021: The Monetization Advantage of Satellite and Pay TV

March 22, 2022 Media

As digital adoption proliferates across Latin America, programmers in the region are asking how to get the most value out of their broadening content offerings.Intelsat’s Media Market Watch 2021 illustrates the relevant trends fueling subscriber growth, and illustrates how satellite connectivity remains the best means of taking advantage of the ... Read More

Latin America Market Watch 2021: State of the Market

March 11, 2022 Media

After years of decline, the Latin America Pay TV market is gaining steam—and satellite distribution is sustaining the surge. Intelsat’s Media Market Watch 2021 showcases relevant trends and analyses. Latin America has 17 Pay TV markets (plus the Caribbean islands). Aside from the leading countries, much of the region comprises emerging markets ... Read More

Intelsat Inflight Connectivity Making an Impact in APAC

February 14, 2022 Aviation Aviation

Intelsat is the world’s most trusted global integrated space and ground satellite network with a mission to make broadband more accessible worldwide. In Asia-Pacific, demand is growing as airlines recognize the value of connectivity and keeping customers connected to friends, family or the workplace. Intelsat Commercial Aviation is delivering on ... Read More

A New Tool for Global Service Provider Network Solutions

February 08, 2022 Cloud ISPs, MNOs, and Telcos ISPs, MNOs, and Telcos

The rise of connect-from-anywhere expectations and continued growth in enterprise digital transformation initiatives are twin factors driving the need for flexible network solutions to connect every location, person, device, and machine across an organization. And there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Wired and wireless technologies are often c ... Read More

Your Internet Experience in the Sky is Finally Here

February 03, 2022 Aviation Aviation

Now more than ever, private aviation is the air travel option of choice for business executives, principals, and heads of state around the world. While general travel dipped during the COVID-19 pandemic, business jet travel surged. November 2021 was the busiest month on record for global business jet activity showing a 15% increase from November ... Read More

Preparing Potent Private Wireless Possibilities

January 27, 2022 Cloud Enterprise ISPs, MNOs, and Telcos

With the rise of Internet of Things (IoT) applications and the need for increasing numbers of people and devices to be connected, more businesses and organizations are turning to private wireless networks to bridge the performance, cost and coverage gaps of Wi-Fi and the control and security gaps of using public cellular networks. Private wireless ... Read More

How Intelsat Casts a Wider Net for Connectivity with Commercial Fishing Vessels

January 19, 2022 Maritime

If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it is the importance of technology to keep us connected. In our hyper-connected world, there are few places that are off the grid, with no access to cellular. But ask a commercial fisherman, who can spend months at a time at sea, and they’ll tell you that ... Read More

Relief for Kentucky: Intelsat and Partners Provide Broadband for Tornado Victims

December 22, 2021

As clean-up continues across tornado-ravaged parts of Kentucky, the Disaster Immediate Response Team from Help.NGO (GlobalDIRT) requested help from the Intelsat Disaster Response Team in setting up emergency internet connectivity. At least five tornadoes hit Kentucky on Dec. 10, traveling more than 200 miles across the state, leaving a path of dea ... Read More

Bringing Broadband to Under-Served Rural Communities in Washington State

December 06, 2021 ISPs, MNOs, and Telcos ISPs, MNOs, and Telcos

Intelsat and partners work to connect notorious “no service” zone For those in the Pacific Northwest, losing connectivity is expected. Whether you are driving from mountains to valleys or dealing with spotty internet at a remote home, lapses in coverage are common. This lifestyle of spotty or even “no service” living is pre ... Read More

Connectivity During the Cargo Crisis

November 16, 2021 Maritime

Nearly two years since the COVID-19 pandemic began, world trade continues to make progress as it emerges from complete or partial lockdown.  However, the shortage of manpower, factory and port closures that resulted in lumpy supply, combined with rocketing demand for imported consumer products, mean that many supply-chain disruptions remain. ... Read More

Extending Vital Connectivity to Remote Areas in Sub-Saharan Africa

November 01, 2021 Global Network Partners

Internet connectivity is a crucial tool that helps people across the globe work, learn, shop, visit friends and family, and access healthcare. But while billions of lives are improved by access to the internet, hundreds of millions of people living in remote, rural, and hard-to-reach places still struggle to access basic broadband services.  ... Read More