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Intelsat Announces Compact FlexMaritime 45cm Antenna Class

April 07, 2021 Maritime Maritime

Small, affordable, easy-to-install maritime terminals bring fast data speeds to coastal fishing, leisure and recreational vessels Intelsat released a smaller antenna class for its FlexMaritime service today that will bring a new level of broadband connectivity performance and affordability to leisure, fishing and light-commercial maritime vessels ... Read More

Intelsat Survey Points to Emerging Inflight Internet Trends

April 01, 2021 Aviation Aviation

Post-COVID Travel Should Include Better Inflight Connectivity, Survey Finds It’s no surprise that the COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on the commercial aviation industry.  With global vaccination rates surging, however, airlines are optimistic that most passengers will soon return to booking both business and leisure trips. In fact, TSA ... Read More

Intelsat Opens Three New Customer Support Centers in Brazil, South Africa and India

March 30, 2021 Corporate Information

Company Expands Its Industry-Leading Customer-Service Capabilities Intelsat, operator of the world’s largest integrated satellite and terrestrial network, is expanding its industry-leading customer support capabilities by opening three new Customer Operations Centers in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Johannesburg, South Africa and Chennai, India. The c ... Read More

Interns Gain Valuable Experience at Intelsat through Genesys Works Program

March 26, 2021 Corporate Information

“I have access to the resources that will help me get to where I dream to be.” An internship offers students a window to real-world work experience. For those who like what they see, an internship can offer a much-needed open door to opportunity. Intelsat is committed to providing the next generation with training and ... Read More

Newly Expanded Intelsat Maritime Network Delivers Reliable Connectivity to Vessels on the North Atlantic Sea Lane

March 16, 2021 Maritime Maritime

The North Atlantic Oceanic Route is one of the most strategic trade routes, linking Western Europe and North America. Each year, commercial maritime vessels transport large volumes of cargo through this sea lane. These waters also support major fishing, offshore energy, cruise and leisure industries. However, network connectivity for critical oper ... Read More

Download Your Intelsat Bracket for the NCAA Basketball Tournament

March 15, 2021 Corporate Information Media Media

We take basketball pretty seriously over here. For many years, Intelsat has been proud to support our partners in bringing the live action of college basketball tournaments and sports to your screens at home. Utilizing our Galaxy satellite fleet and our occasional use (OU) contribution and full-time distribution capabilities, we’re bringing all ... Read More

Engineering Better Solutions: The Intelsat Hack-A-Thon

March 05, 2021 Corporate Information

Proving hacker-type concepts makes for stronger engineers. Dozens of Intelsat Commercial Aviation engineers recently demonstrated this while taking part in a company-sponsored virtual Hack-A-Thon. The word “hack” in this manner doesn’t mean testing security of a system, but rather allowing teams to implement something, without following form ... Read More

Global Government solutions in Europe

March 02, 2021 Government Blog - Satcom Frontier Government

Intelsat welcomes the opportunity to comment on this roadmap as the operator of the world’s largest integrated satellite constellation and ground network, which draws on a diverse global supply chain. The European Commission rightly recognizes in its Industrial Strategy that European defence and space sectors are essential for Europe’s future, ... Read More

Intelsat Gives Back: STEM Education during Remote Learning

February 26, 2021 Corporate Information

Keeping students focused and engaged during distance learning can be challenging for teachers in all subjects, including science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Aiming to keep STEM interest accessible for students, Intelsat recently hosted a space-focused question-and-answer session with students from Syphax Education Center, Arlington C ... Read More

Don’t Miss the Boat on Maritime Connectivity

February 12, 2021 Maritime Maritime

By the end of this decade, the global maritime connectivity market is projected to undergo steady growth and improved efficiencies, according to industry analysts. For example, capacity leased for Very Small Aperture Terminals (VSAT) is forecast to grow at a 27% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) by 2029, according to Euroconsult research[1]. Mean ... Read More

STEM Education: Connectivity is Key

February 11, 2021 Corporate Information

“These youngsters are determined, but don’t have the connectivity” Intelsat is working to bring reliable broadband internet to underserved and unconnected communities around the world. While we have connected many, there are still corners of the globe that struggle to access a regular, reliable internet connection. Lack of access ... Read More

Intelsat Selects Exceptional High School Students for Xinabox STEM Challenge

February 09, 2021 Corporate Information

Intelsat, operator of the world’s largest integrated satellite and terrestrial network, is partnering with XinaBox (pronounced “X in a Box”) to deliver space-focused STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) learning tools to teenagers across the African continent. Sixteen teenage applicants from all over the continent, including Sout ... Read More

The Making of an Intelsat Satellite

February 04, 2021 Global Network

Intelsat’s newest communications satellite, Galaxy 30 (G-30), went into service yesterday. It’s now providing Intelsat customers in North America with high-performance television-distribution service. In 2020, Intelsat announced our plans to procure, build and launch seven C-band satellites over the next few years. And earlier this year, we an ... Read More

Intelsat and Telenor Satellite to Add New 4K/UHD Channels to Key Regions Across Europe

February 02, 2021 Media Media

Intelsat and Telenor Satellite are extending their longstanding partnership at 1° West to expand 4K/Ultra High Definition (UHD) channel distribution to Nordic and Central Eastern European (CEE) countries, and directly into the homes of nearly 18 million Pay TV households in the region. The Intelsat and Telenor Satellite 1° West media distributio ... Read More

Busting the Myth of Inflight Broadband

January 29, 2021 Aviation

Welcome to the first installment of Intelsat’s “Myth vs. Fact” blog series, where we debunk common myths about satellite communications and highlight how Intelsat innovation is reshaping the future of global connectivity.  In 2019, U.S. airlines carried more than 925 million passengers, the highest total based on comparable records sinc ... Read More

Benefits of Intelsat General’s FlexAir Solution in Air Force Operations

January 26, 2021 Government

Having previously examined the key pain points that FlexAir can help solve for customers, Air Force Technology now takes a closer look at some use cases for Intelsat General’s connectivity solution for military and other non-commercial aircraft. This article will explore the advantages of using the FlexAir solution for aircraft operators flying ... Read More

Intelsat and Gogo Commercial Aviation: Reaching New Heights, Together

December 01, 2020 Aviation

In late August, Intelsat announced plans to acquire the Commercial Aviation business of Gogo, thereby bringing together two industry powerhouses to redefine the inflight broadband experience for airlines and passengers Today, we are pleased to announce that Gogo Commercial Aviation is officially part of the Intelsat family. It will operate as an I ... Read More

Intelsat and AMN Recognized for Accomplishments in Closing the Digital Divide

November 24, 2020 ISPs, MNOs, and Telcos

Partnership has connected nearly 5 million people in underserved locations across Sub-Saharan Africa Intelsat and Africa Mobile Networks (AMN) were recently honored for their work bringing mobile connectivity to millions of people in remote areas across Sub-Saharan Africa. Euroconsult awarded Intelsat and AMN the “Mobile Connectivity / Universal ... Read More

Intelsat CellBackhaul Coming to Europe

November 17, 2020 ISPs, MNOs, and Telcos

Managed service helps MNOs expand coverage to more communities, roadways, parks and remote sites Intelsat has recently seen a doubling of traffic in rural cellular networks, which we attribute to the shift in increased remote working, education and healthcare to these areas, and away from centralized urban centers. This trend is adding to the alre ... Read More

Intelsat Helps Scientists Stay Connected in One of the Planet’s Harshest Climates

October 22, 2020 Government

New high-wind satellite terminal headed to Antarctica Intelsat General Communications, an Intelsat subsidiary that primarily serves U.S. government and military customers, is proudly supporting the important work of the scientists stationed at the U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF) outpost in Antarctica who conduct research that cannot be done ... Read More