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Live Aid, 36 Years Later: Celebrating Satellite History

July 13, 2021 Corporate Information Media

July 13 marks the 36th anniversary of Live Aid, a benefit concert that raised money for the relief of famine-stricken countries in Africa. The 16-hour “super concert” featured more than 75 acts, including Queen, Run DMC, Paul McCartney, Madonna and Elton John performing in two spots: Wembley Stadium in London and JFK Stadium in Phila ... Read More

45cm Antennas: A Unique Connectivity Solution for Leisure Vessels

July 12, 2021 Maritime Maritime

The leisure vessel market has seen a surge in the adoption of the Very Small Antenna Terminal (VSAT) class in recent years due to the emergence of more affordable smaller antennas with high data rates. With a current market penetration of around 50%, the addressable yacht segment has plenty of potential and opportunities; in fact, ... Read More

Closing the Urban and Rural Digital Divide – A Satellite Industry Expert Perspective

July 09, 2021 Corporate Information

Watch UN Broadband Commissioner and Intelsat Chief Executive Officer Stephen Spengler share his satellite industry expertise and unique perspective on how to close the urban and rural digital divide in this video from the Broadband Commission for Sustainable Development: Spengler says that with the right mix of partnership, investment, innovation ... Read More

Connectivity Solutions for Governments and Border Security

June 30, 2021 Government Land Mobility Maritime Blog - Satcom Frontier Government Land Mobility Maritime

Intelsat recently hosted a virtual event in partnership with Wide Conferences & Exhibits to discuss the challenges of border security for European, Middle Eastern and North African nations. We were joined by government representatives and industry experts who shared insights, technical challenges and trends, as well as space-based solutions th ... Read More

Deep Dive: How 45cm Antennas Can Deliver Connectivity Fishing Vessels Need

June 29, 2021 Maritime Maritime

In recent years, the commercial fishing sector has experienced an uptick in the adoption of Very Small Aperture Terminals (VSAT). With the number of VSAT equipped vessels is expecting a CAGR of 11% by 2030, this trend represents a major market shift. At one time, broadband connectivity at sea for smaller vessels seemed like a ... Read More

Media Market Watch 2021: Sunny Revenue Forecast for Satellite Distribution in the Asia-Pacific Region

June 28, 2021 Media Media

With 63% market penetration in the Asia-Pacific region, traditional Pay TV services lead the way in revenue generation The trends and analyses featured in Intelsat’s Media Market Watch 2021 demonstrate that the reach, reliability, capacity and revenue potential of satellite are proving that it’s still the most future-forward option for media d ... Read More

Intelsat Disaster Relief Program Provides Emergency Communications Support to Qualified Humanitarian Organizations within 24 Hours

June 22, 2021 Corporate Information Land Mobility

Intelsat has a long history of lending its support to first responders and humanitarian organizations during times of crisis. In 2020 alone, Intelsat utilized its leading global satellite network, connectivity expertise and partner relationships to provide on-the-ground satellite communications relief in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Laura ... Read More

In-Orbit Mission Success: Extending the Life of Intelsat 10-02

June 21, 2021 Corporate Information

At Intelsat, we pride ourselves on doing everything we can to ensure our customers receive the best possible service experience. So, when Northrop Grumman first introduced its Mission Extension Vehicle technology, we jumped at the chance to use in-orbit servicing to help extend the life of the satellites in our 50-plus-strong fleet. Fast forward t ... Read More

Inflight Connectivity in a Post-COVID World

June 11, 2021 Aviation Aviation

This article originally appeared in the June 2021 edition of Satellite Pro Middle East. While the aviation industry has been badly hit by the Covid pandemic, the vaccination roll-out that has been kicked off by many countries around the world gives us some hope that we might get back to some normality. And the industry ... Read More

Challenge Accepted: Connectivity in the Democratic Republic of Congo

June 08, 2021 ISPs, MNOs, and Telcos ISPs, MNOs, and Telcos

Did you know more than 49 million people live in remote or rural regions of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)? In those regions, more than 32 million live in an area without a minimum of 3G. The lack of reliable connectivity via mobile phone or computer can limit interactions needed for learning, working, ... Read More

Mission Success: Intelsat and Xinabox Produce 12 Winners in Africa STEM Challenge

June 03, 2021 Corporate Information

Preparing the next generation to lead new and exciting innovations is fundamental to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in communications technology and beyond.  Considering almost half of the world’s population doesn’t have access to broadband technology, Intelsat aims to rise to meet the challenge of preparing children around t ... Read More

Severe-Storm Ready: Intelsat is Here to Help

June 01, 2021 Government Land Mobility Blog - Satcom Frontier Government

Intelsat is ready with emergency satellite communications services as the 2021 hurricane season starts The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) recently released its 2021 Atlantic hurricane season forecast, predicting an active storm season with a 60% chance of an above-normal number of named storms. NOAA says there is a pos ... Read More

Family Matters: How Tech has Changed the Way Military Families Connect

May 27, 2021 Government Blog - Satcom Frontier Government

In May, Intelsat is highlighting its military veteran employees, the services we provide to the active armed forces and our ongoing philanthropic support for military- and veteran-support organizations. We’re also recognizing the unwavering sacrifices of military spouses and families. Satellite communications has long provided a lifeline for mil ... Read More

I Want my Inflight Connectivity (IFC)

May 26, 2021 Aviation Aviation

You’ve packed your sunscreen, flip-flops, your patience and your mobile device. Whether this is your first flight since the pandemic or not, you know a lot of things have changed. Your expectations for in-flight connectivity (IFC) are one of those changes. Being cooped up at home with access to high-speed internet and all of your ... Read More

“We’ve Been in Those Boots”

May 24, 2021 Corporate Information Government Blog - Satcom Frontier Government

Intelsat’s military veterans share real-world experiences that continue to shape their careers One of the reasons why Intelsat is the leading provider of satellite connectivity to the U.S. Armed Forces is because we understand what it takes to successfully complete a mission. Intelsat provides secure and seamless broadband connectivity, video co ... Read More

Honoring and Supporting our Service Members and their Families

May 21, 2021 Corporate Information Government Blog - Satcom Frontier Government

Intelsat donation to the Patriot Foundation will fund scholarships for children of fallen and wounded U.S. service members May is National Military Appreciation Month, and Intelsat is honoring current and former members of the U.S. Armed Forces all month long. Intelsat began the month with a donation to the Patriot Foundation, which provides ... Read More

Intelsat and Harbor Research Find Security, Ease of Set-up and Bandwidth Requirements are Top Needs for End Users of Land Mobile Connectivity Services

May 14, 2021 Land Mobility Land Mobility

Recent Survey of 350 Industry Professionals Reveals Remote Connectivity and Security Needs are Biggest Drives of Satellite Adoption Staying connected no matter where you are or what you’re doing is now a way of life. That doesn’t change for businesses, first responders and other professionals who work in the field or on the road, and ... Read More

U.S. Troops Impressed by the Power of Intelsat FlexMove for Government

May 12, 2021 Government Blog - Satcom Frontier Government

Intelsat General Communications (IGC), a wholly owned subsidiary of Intelsat, and Cubic’s GATR Antennas recently demonstrated the power of the Intelsat FlexMove for Government service for the U.S. Air Force’s 628th Mission Support Group and 437th Operations Support Squadron or Combat Readiness Group (CRG) at Joint Base Charleston in South Caro ... Read More

Media-Powered: Intelsat 20 in Africa

May 11, 2021 Media Media

Did you know that the Intelsat 20 satellite (IS-20) serves 40 million households across six African sub-Saharan countries? That means the power of just one Intelsat satellite brings more than 560 Pay TV and Free-to-Air (FTA) channels to millions of households every day. Intelsat was the first operator in the region in 1965, and we ... Read More

Slovak Telekom Selects Intelsat for New Transponder Expansion

May 04, 2021 Media Media

Deal is one of the largest and longest new business satellite agreements in the region in recent years Intelsat today announced a monumental deal with Slovak Telekom that will change the landscape of its services, including direct to home (DTH), in the Central and Eastern European (CEE) region. Finalized last week, the deal will provide ... Read More