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Sustainability is at the Heart of All We Do

Intelsat is ever mindful of where we can make an impact — whether in a bustling urban city, a remote region, or high above the Earth’s atmosphere.

We look for ways to reduce our carbon footprint, recycle materials, and pursue any opportunity to create a cleaner, more inviting working environment.

The Call for Sustainable Space Leadership

High Standards for Supply Chain

Intelsat works with leading satellite manufacturing companies, all of which are ISO 14001 certified or have an environmental awareness program. Additionally, most manufacturers and launch services providers with whom we work have an extensive Corporate Social Responsibility program.

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Minimizing Space Debris

As the first user of the Mission Extension Vehicle (MEV), Intelsat is leading the way of life extension and minimizing new debris in space. Our additional order for a Mission Extension Pod (MEP) furthers our efforts to support sustainability in space.

Photo Courtesy of Northrop Grumman

mev docking with IS901

Climate Reality Project

In December 2018, we provided services for “24 Hours of Reality,” the 24-hour streamed and televised event hosted by Al Gore. The broadcast brought the world together for one full day to address the reality of the climate crisis, its impact on the health of the global population, and explore how we can solve it.

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LEED Certified U.S. Administrative Building

In 2014, Intelsat relocated its administrative headquarters to a newly constructed space in Tysons Corner, Virginia. Our new offices in Tysons Tower are LEED Gold certified.

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