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Channel Globalization

A European broadcaster was looking for a cost-effective way to globalize a channel and was easily able to do so with Intelsat’s managed MCPC platform solution. By meeting Intelsat at a “meet-me-point” the broadcaster is able to hand off their content to us and we transport it using fiber to three of our teleports, Atlanta, Singapore, and Fuchsstadt. Once at the teleports, the content is uplinked onto four Intelsat satellites that support MCPC platforms, G-13, IS-21, IS-19, IS-20, and provides the broadcaster with complete global coverage for their channel and as a result, increases their viewership.

Worldwide Video Distribution

Through a combination of transponder leases and MCPC platforms in space, and teleport and fiber services on the ground, a national public broadcaster out of Asia Pacific is able to distribute their channels world wide by using Intelsat’s fully managed end-to-end solution. This combination of services has enabled them to reach cable systems throughout the world as well as support DTH delivery where necessary. In addition to helping enable video distribution, these services assisted with the backhaul of news programming and also added a layer for disaster recover for reassurance. This created a single source, fully managed and monitored by Intelsat solution, removing network complexity enabling the broadcaster to focus on their content and other business areas.

Disaster Recovery

A major programmer serving Latin America who typically handles their own uplinks of content out of their location in Miami, needs a backup in the instance of a failure on their own site. Intelsat’s Disaster Recovery solution has uplinks at the ready in a case like this. In the event of a failure, the programmer will push their files from their site in Miami using fiber to our teleport facility in Atlanta where they have colocation services. From Atlanta, the files are fibered over to the Riverside teleport site where there is another colocation service at the ready. The Intelsat NOC will quickly make the switchover so the programmer can use the new uplinks and the content is distributed immediately.

Our Disaster Recovery service provides this programmer with peace of mind knowing they can rely on Intelsat to distribute their content in a time of need. They have been using this service for 10 years.

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