Lintasarta is a data-communication, internet and IT services provider bringing reliable, affordable connectivity to millions of Indonesians. In partnership with the Indonesian government, they’re working to deploy and expand broadband and wireless communications throughout the country.

Customer Challenge

Despite their ambitious goal, Lintasarta knew that deploying a terrestrial network across dispersed islands, and thousands of villages, was logistically and fiscally impossible. And meeting the government’s aggressive rollout deadline was equally daunting.

Lintasarta needed a robust solution that could quickly reach Indonesia’s island communities while also meeting broadband and wireless backhaul standards and requirements.

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Support the Indonesian government’s
goal of connecting
fourth-largest population in the world,
dispersed over
the Indonesian archipelago

How We Helped

Working with Lintasarta and BAKTI – an agency under the Indonesian Ministry of Communications and Information – Intelsat developed a connectivity solution that enabled Internet Fixed Broadband and Mobile Cellular Backhaul over the entirety of Indonesia via Intelsat Epic high-throughput satellites (HTS).

To provide uninterrupted service, Lintasarta took advantage of the reliable performance and resiliency of Intelsat high-throughput satellites in order to meet government requirement.

Intelsat led technical training to prepare Lintasarta for faster implementation of remotes and more streamlined network management. Following training, Lintasarta provided a better overall experience for customers nationwide.

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Provided uninterrupted service  using overlapping coverage
from two
high-throughput  Intelsat satellites
using C- and
Ku-band uplink for hub


  • Connectivity for many isolated communities in Indonesia, while meeting wireless and backhaul standards
  • Fast, high-quality, consistent broadband for easy access to government, education and health services and enhanced business operations
  • Self-Access Certification and remote access to RMS helped Lintasarta bring remote implementations into their network faster and easier
  • Intelsat Epic platform enabled efficiencies previously unavailable without large, costly user terminals—paving the way for network expansion with resilient, high-performance connectivity