Customer Challenge

Growing needs of end users for more performance and capabilities

As with most ICT services and solutions providers, DETASAD is continuously challenged by their enterprise customers – whether from the government mining/energy, surveillance, oil & gas, education, banking, finance, or healthcare industry – whose connectivity needs are constantly evolving and growing:

  • High performance
  • High throughput
  • Security
  • Flexibility to address old and new applications
  • All at a reasonable cost

Moreover, edge compute capability is crucial to reducing latency between data generation and data processing to help local networks run more efficiently, critical decision, and allow customers to generate insights more quickly.

How We Helped

FlexEnterprise provides the foundation for DETASAD innovative solution.

Detasad is creatively combining hardware, software, and connectivity technologies to deliver Smart Capacity Management (SCM), a new patent-pending, AI-enabled low-latency edge solution that meets the changing needs of enterprise customers. The Smart Capacity Management (SCM), features include:

  • Combination of AI/machine learning, cloud networking, ground system, and satellite bandwidth
  • Single-box solution that aggregates edge computing hardware, satellite modem technology, IoT, SD-WAN, cloud, and virtualized network functions to meet a variety of application and service needs across multiple business sectors
  • New network-sensing technology that will monitor 24/7 the application requirements, thus, ensuring maximum efficiency of the satellite network and helping to lower customer network operating costs.

Integrating Intelsat’s secure FlexEnterprise platform empowers DETASAD to deliver this all-in-one solution to users across the globe. The Flex network delivers a foundation for low-latency, high-compute-power applications that make cloud, IoT and satellite relevant and available for globally distributed “Industry 4.0” applications and verticals like government mining/energy, surveillance, oil & gas, education, banking, finance, or healthcare and security.


Bandwidth-on-demand that responds to end users’ real-time application needs

New patent-pending, AI-enabled low-latency edge solution to improve the end-user experience and applications performance
Smart solution that incorporates a new network-sensing technology that will monitor application requirements in real-time and provide self-provisioning facilities for addressing these requirements
Output-driven bandwidth service with guaranteed quality of service and on-demand throughput
Provides 100% “Pay-as-you-Go” on-site service

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