Working with regional service providers to foster enterprise resilience against extreme weather events in the Caribbean and Central America

In a previous post, we highlighted the work Intelsat is doing with mobile operators in hurricane-prone regions to help ensure service continuity in the face of recurring extreme weather events. Strengthening cellular networks is a crucial part of immediate post-storm recovery, as well as the long-term development and productivity of a region.

Just as important to a community’s recovery is the ability to re-establish the social and commercial services delivered by government and business entities. Solutions that strengthen the resilience of government and enterprise networks can be a key component to helping a community get back on its feet.

To help reduce both the short- and long-term impacts of damaging weather events, Intelsat is working with regional integrators and telecommunications service providers to leverage the unique assets of satellite-based solutions and create options that organizations can use to add network-resiliency capabilities now as well as establish plans for post-storm recovery needs:

  • Across the region, high-throughput services can be deployed now and integrated into day-to-day operations in “standby” mode, then quickly turned up if they are needed to take over for primary networks that are damaged.
  • In priority locations already identified as being especially prone to damage and disruption, Intelsat will locally warehouse antennas and equipment compatible with the global FlexEnterprise network. Customers can subscribe to take advantage of this local stock and request installation via local partners to quickly re-establish operations within hours after a storm clears.
  • Outside the priority locations, additional equipment will be warehoused centrally. Customers can subscribe to reserve equipment and services that they can then request for deployment as needed across the wider Caribbean and Central America regions, reducing their time to get back online from weeks to days.

“It has become over the past few years that telecommunication service providers in this region need new options to strengthen their networks and help customers bring services back as quickly as possible,” said Ricardo La Guardia, regional vice president, Latin America Sales at Intelsat. “The important role enterprises play in their communities really drives the need to be prepared and have plans in place before storms hit.”