The Commercial Satellite Communications (COMSATCOM) Services Acquisition (FCSA) program consists of a comprehensive set of acquisition activities which are intended to replace expiring DISA and GSA contracts and create a common marketplace for all government customers to acquire COMSATCOM services.

The COMSATCOM Services Acquisition (FCSA) has several components:

  1. Transponded capacity and pre-defined subscription services through the GSA IT Schedule 70. The Schedule 70 Contract awarded to Intelsat General is contract# GS-35F-0478U and includes the following SINs:
  2. New Equipment Purchase (SIN 33411)
  3. Electronic Commerce and Subscription Services (SIN 54151ECOM)
  4. Leased commercially available satellite bandwidth, Transponder Capacity, and Subscription Services (SIN 517410)
  5. Order-Level Materials (OLM) (SIN 70-500)
  6. End-to-end satellite services originally through the Custom SATCOM Solutions CS2 contract. The CS2 Contract awarded to Intelsat General was contract #GS00Q12NRD4008 and was used to provide customized, customer-defined, end-to-end solutions that include satellite bandwidth, teleport access, network management, satellite communications equipment, and engineering support such as integration, operations, and maintenance.
    Notice Concerning Award (PDF)
    Section G Contract Administration (PDF)
    Amendment of Solicitation/Modification of Contract (PDF)
    Award/Contract (PDF)
    Amendment-PS03 (PDF)
    Amendment PA04 (PDF)
    Amendment PO05 (PDF)
    Amendment PO06 (PDF)

  7. Complex Engineered Solutions through the newest contract, Custom Satcom Solutions CS3. The CS3 Contract awarded to Intelsat General is contract# GS00Q17NRD4009 and is used to provide complex engineered solutions, which includes any combination of fixed and mobile bandwidth, teleport services, satellite equipment and components, terrestrial circuits and all types of engineering and program management support.
    CS3 Contract_Intelsat Gen_Section B_STO-2_J-11a redacted CY1 (PDF)
    CS3 Contract_Intelsat Gen_Sections B-J (PDF)
    GS00Q17NRD4009_P00001 (PDF
    GS00Q17NRD4009_P00002 (PDF)
    GS00Q17NRD4009_P00003 (PDF)
    GS00Q17NRD4009 award (PDF)
    CS3 Contract_Intelsat Gen_Section B_STO-1_J-9_redacted CY1 (PDF)
    CS3 Contract_Intelsat Gen_Section B_STO-1_J-9_Yr 2(PDF)
    CS3 Contract_Intelsat Gen_Section B_STO-2_J-11a Yr 2 (PDF)
    CS3 Contract_Intelsat Gen_Section B_STO-1_J-9_Yr 3 (PDF)
    CS3 Contract_Intelsat Gen_Section B_STO-2_J-11a Yr 3 (PDF)
    CS3Contract_Intelsat Gen_Section B_STO-2_J-11a_Yr 4 (PDF)
    CS3Contract_Intelsat Gen_Section B_STO-1_J-9_Yr 4 (PDF)
    GS00Q17NRD4009_P00004 (PDF)
    GS00Q17NRD4009_P00005 (PDF)

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