The mission of the Intelsat Live Well program is to support our employees’ well-being through relevant, engaging opportunities and tools that ignite and sustain a healthy, happy, and prosperous culture.

Diversity and Inclusion

Our Commitment to being Diverse and Inclusive
Intelsat is an inclusive organization that values diverse perspectives and fosters a workplace culture of respect, acceptance, fairness, and opportunity for all employees. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion (D&I) is expressed through a range of programs and initiatives designed to increase representation and diversity further at all levels of the company and to overcome biases. We continuously strive to deepen our D&I efforts by engaging employees through focus groups and surveys, providing training and education at every level, and linking annual incentive compensation to specific D&I goals. Across our global locations, we will always remain committed to ensuring Intelsat offers a workplace environment where anyone of any background can thrive.

D&I Council
The Intelsat D&I Council aims to create a sense of belonging and enhance the quality of the workplace experience for all employees. Composed of 15 to 18 volunteer employees, the Council works to identify and address gaps in hiring processes and spearhead D&I training, activities, and events to encourage dialogue and increase awareness and education among all Intelsat staff. The Council offers advice and recommendations to the Intelsat Management Committee and works directly with the Human Resources, Legal and Corporate Communications teams to establish and implement best practices that foster a more inclusive and diverse culture.

Employee Resource Groups
Intelsat’s Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) feature employees drawn together by a common interest to drive inclusivity and engagement. ERG members are inspired by the desire to educate and celebrate their cultures. With support from Intelsat’s leadership team, the company launched its first two ERGs in 2022 – Black Experience at Intelsat ([email protected]) and Hispanic Origin and Latin American ([email protected]) – with plans to launch the Women’s Initiative Network ([email protected]) as its third ERG.

Developing Future Engineers

Our employees have hosted events around the world, educating students from kindergarten through college to encourage them to explore and pursue a career in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Intelsat staff are passionate about satellite technology and connectivity, and they often donate their time and expertise to help inspire the next generation of
technology leaders.

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