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Broadcasters and content providers are constantly looking for value and ways to expand the monetization of their content. Our fleet supports numerous payTV direct-to-home (DTH) platforms as well as free-to-air DTH platforms that reach millions of homes around the world. Based on custom-designed high-power beams, our DTH services can be received by sub-meter antennas and offer a range of business models to grow with your success.

Accelerate Your Speed to Market by Reaching Millions of Households

Our satellites, DTH platforms, and connectivity options support Pay-TV, free-to-air, and free-to-view business models. We have full-time leases available on video neighborhoods that host the top DTH platforms and a cost-effective way to test new markets in DTH communities with multi-channel per carrier platforms. Our global video neighborhoods offer access to premium DTH platforms.

Interested in removing the complexities from your direct-to-home distribution so that you can focus on your core business? As the pioneers of media distribution, our experts know what it takes to build and operate a reliable, world-class media distribution operation. Our Managed Media Services provide end-to-end seamless management, Multi-channel Per Carrier (MCPC) platforms, and disaster recovery solutions. 



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Video Neighborhoods

Intelsat Video Neighborhoods provide programmers and broadcasters with fast access to viewers in established and emerging markets globally.

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Reach The Next Broadcasting Frontier with Intelsat 20

Located at 68.5°E, IS-20 is the premier direct-to-home (DTH) video neighborhood in Africa, reaching nearly 40 million TV households in emerging markets such as Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania, Ethiopia, and Kenya.


Managed Media Services

Ensure the delivery of your video content with an end-to-end distribution solution. Our Managed Media services eliminate the complexity of managing content and speed up your time to market.

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