Growth and Expansion Without Network Buildout

The need for quality global connectivity continues to grow, with organizations adopting new technologies to support hybrid cloud and SD-WAN deployments, extend consistent connectivity to every enterprise location, and meet new business applications requirements. But traditional broadband and fiber connectivity may not be available or dependable everywhere your customers need it, complicating your ability to meet expectations.

Intelsat FlexEnterprise changes that.

Expand the reach of your solutions without terrestrial network buildout or complicated satellite management, whether you need to concentrate capacity where you know your customers need it or reduce the risk of expanding connectivity into new areas where you haven’t yet established a footprint. And depending on your needs and experience, service providers and integrators who are new to satellite can take advantage of FlexEnterprise just as easily as service providers with years of satellite experience.

Extend the Reach of Your Services with FlexEnterprise

FlexEnterprise is your entry point into Intelsat’s integrated high-throughput satellite fleet and global terrestrial network. It opens new opportunities for your business and reduces the risk of expanding into new markets. You’ll leverage the reach and reliability of Intelsat’s space and terrestrial network combined with economical, proven-reliable equipment. Deliver fast internet, private network, and consistent, secure cloud access to your customers around the world.


Control the Economics of Your Offering with VNO Services

Experienced satellite service providers can act as a virtual network operator (VNO) and gain regional or global coverage without major capital expense. Use Intelsat’s network as if it were your own, with control over Intelsat Epic capacity through our web-based network management systemUsing the Service Regions and wholesale Service Plan that fits with your business, you’ll have the flexibility to customize and deliver services to meet your customers’ varying application and network needs. 

Quickly Deliver Global Connectivity with Unlimited Plans

For integrators, enterprises, and service providers who need a simple way to deliver site-by-site connectivity without the heavy lifting of managing a satellite hub system, FlexEnterprise Unlimited Plans enable you to put the network where your users need it with minimal capital costs and no wholesale commitments.

Through a portfolio of satellite-as-a-service options, you can fill network gaps and extend enterprise-grade connectivity to all your customers’ locations – regardless of the availability of local telecom infrastructure. Quickly bring up new locations not well served by terrestrial alternatives or add resiliency to create unbreakable enterprise services with the Flex network that’s not impacted by local fiber cuts, terrain, or climate.

Strengthen Your Own SD-WAN or Jumpstart a New Service with Ours

For enterprises and service providers with existing SD-WAN deployments, adding a non-terrestrial solution like FlexEnterprise to your mix of underlay networks can improve performance and resiliency and reduce site deployment time. With the right underlay technologies, you can increase the value of your overall network.


Digitize the Distributed Enterprise with Cloud Connect

In addition to public internet connectivity and private-network handoffs to any of our Intelsat or global partner POPs, integrated ExpressRoute gateways to Microsoft Azure allow you to extend public cloud applications and services to virtually any location. No matter how your customers power their business, you’ll deliver the connectivity they need regardless of location.

Service Delivery Done Right

Across FlexEnterprise services, our easy-to-use Service Management Portal enables you to provision services, enable new sites, and monitor activity in real time.

With FlexEnterprise you can make your network nimble and scalable, delivering the reach, performance and flexibility customers expect to support emerging applications, reduce time-to-market, and drive new business.

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