Growth and Expansion Without Network Buildout

Your success as a solutions provider, telco/carrier, or ISP depends on your ability to harness enterprise-grade technology to support new demands and applications across your existing footprint and into future service areas.

As demand soars for quality connectivity, service providers need to adapt and integrate new technologies — like Intelsat Epic high-performance spot beam capacity — to meet the growing demand for enhanced data, video, and other bandwidth-intensive applications. But some spot beam services cover only small regions and require managing multiple beams as small sub-networks to provide broad geographic coverage.

Intelsat FlexEnterprise changes that. Expand the geographic reach of your offering without beam-by-beam capacity management, concentrate capacity where you know your customers need it, and reduce the risk of expanding network resources into areas where you haven’t yet established your footprint or your brand.

Extend the Reach of Your Services with FlexEnterprise

The FlexEnterprise platform is the entry point into Intelsat Epic high-throughput capacity and the Intelsat global network. It unlocks your ability to expand into new markets by combining Intelsat Epic spot beams — concentrated capacity in a focused area — with the ability to stitch those beams together and manage pools of capacity across a broad regional or global footprint.

With FlexEnterprise you can extend the reach of the internet, private enterprise networks, and — with Cloud Connect – consistent and secure access to cloud services and applications.

Combined with the integrated IntelsatOne terrestrial network and standardized customer-site equipment, you have the power to deliver incredibly fast service to your customers around the world without adding infrastructure cost, network complexity, or sacrificing control of the customer-facing service elements that define your solutions and business.

Enterprise Network Connectivity – Reimagined

Control the Economics of Your Service Offering with VNO Services

With FlexEnterprise, you’ll act as a virtual network operator (VNO) with control over Intelsat Epic capacity through our web-based network management systemYou’ll have the flexibility to meet different customer demands and business models, as well as the control to provision, manage, and scale services when and where your customers need them. Some benefits of our FlexEnterprise solution:

  • Flex Service Regions define the geography of your service area, the boundaries within which your customers can access the Flex network capacity.
  • Flex Service Plans define the combination of dedicated and burstable capacity available across the region. Without the need to manage multiple beams across the region, you can focus on delivering services that meet the needs of your customers and their applications.

With Intelsat FlexEnterprise you can make your network nimble and scalable, delivering the reach, performance and flexibility required to support emerging customer applications, speed time-to-market, and drive new business.

Service Delivery Done Right

Our easy-to-use Service Management Portal enables customers to provision services and monitor activity in real time. Establish connectivity in under one minute.

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