Ensuring Secure Communications for Every Mission

Based in McLean, VA, Intelsat General Communications (IGC) is a U.S.-incorporated, wholly owned subsidiary of Intelsat, providing mission-critical solutions for commercial, government and military customers. IGC’s administrative offices and the majority of its employees are located in the U.S, as is the Intelsat General Secure Operations Center (ISOC).

Intelsat General is a trusted provider of broadband communications to the U.S. government and global military.

We provide secure and seamless broadband connectivity, video communications, and mobility services for operations through our open, interoperable architecture. Link any combination of satellite bandwidth and terrestrial services to your agency’s equipment and networks, and deliver real-time information via satellite to your land, sea, and air platforms.

From remote military outposts, disaster recovery sites, and embassies to health and homeland security agencies, Intelsat General’s solutions support even the most complex operations, from routine to mission critical, anywhere on the globe.

Download our white paper highlighting three case studies on the Intelsat Epic satellite platform. IGC also offers opportunities for hosted payloads on one of our regularly scheduled satellite launches.

Cybersecurity and the Intelsat Network

Engineered to support demanding government communications and applications, Intelsat delivers reliability, security, performance, and the flexibility to keep pace with changing geographic and mission requirements. Learn more about our secure communications.

Contract Vehicles

The Future Commercial Satellite Communications (COMSATCOM) Services Acquisition (FCSA) program consists of a comprehensive set of acquisition activities that create a common marketplace for all government customers to acquire COMSATCOM services.

Customers of Intelsat General

Customers include military and civilian agencies of the U.S. government, defense contractors, and the defense ministries of Allied governments around the world.

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