From turbulence to flight optimization, our end-to-end solutions will optimize your aircraft operations on the ground or in the air through all phases of flight – allowing you to enable new efficiencies within your airline operation.

Turbulence Reporting

Automatically generate and share turbulence reports to ground services in real time with Intelsat’s turbulence reporting solution. We already serve weather and turbulence data to 25,000 cockpit devices on 4,000 flights daily – resulting in over 1TB of pilot data sent over our network every month. This solution also improves collaboration between pilots, dispatch, and air traffic controllers for flight path changes needed for weather avoidance.

Flight Optimization

Pilots can identify more efficient routes and reduce fuel burn using real-time data and traffic information from Intelsat’s aircraft data services and airborne software such as NASA’s Traffic Aware Strategic Aircrew Request (TASAR) and PACE’s Flight Profile Optimizer. Operational tests conducted by NASA and Alaska Airlines show potential fuel savings of more than 10,000 gallons and 18+ hours of flight time when optimizing flight routes. This equates to approximately $5 million in savings from fuel, maintenance, and depreciation.

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