Intelsat’s comprehensive connectivity and entertainment services allow you to configure an experience built specifically for your passengers. From live and on-demand streaming to creating a custom web portal for your airline, we give you options to define a unique inflight experience that builds your brand and engages your passengers.

Creating New Possibilities

Onboard Portals

The Onboard Portal is your passengers’ entry to connectivity and entertainment options, flight progress, airline information and any partner-sponsored options or messages during their flight. With our industry-leading services and configurable options, you can build a portal that fits your business and gives your passengers a unique inflight experience across your entire fleet. Airlines can also take full control of the passenger experience with our Onboard Portal Manager – a suite of Intelsat-hosted secure APIs, tools and virtual test environment.

Passenger Experience Overview

Learn how we help you personalize the passenger experience through innovative and customizable products and services.

Inflight Passenger Experience cover

Wireless Inflight Entertainment

Wireless Inflight Entertainment delivers streaming of on-demand movies and TV shows directly to wireless devices on board. You’ll find it on thousands of commercial aircraft globally, where it’s used to watch over 4 million movies and TV shows every month. Using our SDK, you can incorporate wireless inflight entertainment directly into your mobile application, making it easy for passengers to stay entertained throughout the flight.

Designing for the Next Generation of Wireless IFE

See what the connectivity-driven future holds for passenger entertainment.


Drive Passenger Satisfaction with Multi-Payer Options

Learn how a Multi-Payer Model can help offset service costs and enhance the passenger experience.


Inflight Live TV

Inflight Live TV delivers live content streamed directly to wireless devices on board. Passengers can stream live programming directly to their devices. Inflight Live TV can be installed quickly on 2Ku-equipped tails without the need for additional hardware.

The Technology Behind Inflight Live TV

Read how Inflight Live TV incorporates key ground-based technologies in flight.


GOL first airline to launch Inflight Live TV service

Learn more about Inflight Live TV—exciting live television programming in flight, made possible by 2Ku connectivity.


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