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2Ku Brochure

Learn about the innovative access technology that leverages the Ku satellite network for global flights.

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2Ku Antenna Design

In aero antenna design, there’s more than meets the eye.

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2Ku Supply Chain

Go inside the facility where 2Ku solutions get their start.

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What it Takes to Ramp Up 2Ku Installations

Three main factors play into how long it takes to get an aircraft flying with 2Ku.

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2Ku At a Glance

  • Unique antenna design offers superior performance – even in equatorial regions
  • Low-profile radome reduces drag and fuel burn compared to other satcom solutions
  • Twice the spectral efficiency of conventional aero antennas means more bandwidth for less cost
  • Gate-to-gate availability means passengers will never miss a minute
  • Industry-leading speeds support video streaming
  • Emerging linefit options

Unique Dual Phased-array Antenna

2Ku’s antenna aperture size is unparalleled in the IFC market. With 4x the surface area of conventional aero antennas, 2Ku delivers superior performance and double the spectral efficiency, delivering more bandwidth for less cost.

Low-profile Radome

With its low profile radome, 2Ku offers 50% less equivalent weight penalty than conventional aero antennas, reducing drag and fuel burn, and generating significant savings for your airline.

2Ku Install Time-lapse Video

Our Global Coverage

With an open architecture that leverages current and future Ku satellites, including HTS and LEO satellites, 2Ku offers redundant and reliable coverage around the globe.


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