The leader in French-language entertainment, TV5MONDE broadcasts commercial-free premium content 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Their programming engages viewers all over the world, including Europe, the USA, South America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East—with public partnerships that promote French Language and culture.

Customer Challenge

TV5MONDE was planning a live broadcast celebrating the richness and diversity of French culture. Originating from 16 capitals, as well as unconnected remote regions, the broadcast would reach over 300 million households worldwide. With that many viewers watching, it was more important than ever to ensure uninterrupted coverage, no matter what.

TV5MONDE needed a single solution that would connect all the participating sites, seamlessly integrating the technology at a central location and allowing them to dynamically change video content feeds in real time.

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How We Helped

Intelsat deployed a comprehensive solution at TV5MONDE’s Paris headquarters, leveraging Intelsat Epic and traditional satellites to provide resilient connectivity. Complementing the space segment, Intelsat teleports and fiber network extended that connectivity to 13 different locations across the globe. Uninterrupted connectivity enabled seamless rollover from one location to the next—even with specific broadcast locations changing up to the last minute.

Using blended connectivity, occasional use (OU) Service and dual-fiber infrastructure, Intelsat built in multiple forms of redundancy to mitigate potential dropped signals.  With less than 24 hours’ notice, Intelsat also implemented two-way communications between Montreal and Paris, enabling live, on-air dialogue for the event.  

With the Intelsat solution, TV5MONDE was able to tailor a service plan that met the unique needs of their one-day, international event celebrating communities separated by borders but united by a common culture.


  • A reliable proven media solution to provide two-way communications across continents with less than 24 hours’ notice.
  • Intelsat space segment, teleports and fiber network extended connectivity to 13 locations worldwide.
  • A single solution seamlessly integrated technology across 16 sites.
  • Back-to-back live segments transmitted seamlessly from multiple locations—without interruption—to millions of households around the world 
  • Redundant systems ensured resilient throughout the broadcast.
  • Time and location flexibility allowed quick deployment of two-way communications across continents.

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