Reaching viewers across Hungary with quality content
Hungaro DigiTel was looking for a solution to launch 14 channels for its customer, TV2. To ensure a successful expansion of digital television distribution services for TV2 Hungary, the solution needed to meet the following requirements:
• Enable 14 channels to be launched across Hungary and neighboring countries
• Ensure delivery of the right content to the right audience
• Provide excellent coverage
• Easy to implement
• Include strong technical support


Intelsat Seamlessly Consolidated Content onto a Single Platform
Relying on its 1West video neighborhood, Intelsat provided Hungaro Digitel with:
• A multiaccess solution, already home to five leading DTH platforms and almost 800 channels across Central and Eastern Europe including 200 Hungarian channels
• A proven solution trusted by leading programmers
• Excellent coverage across the country to reach a large audience
• A smooth and worry-free implementation Intelsat’s technical knowledge and understanding of potential challenges related to consolidating Hungarian content on a single platform was critical to delivering a seamless solution that met the customer’s requirements and exceeded their expectations.

“Based on the 2021 figures, the transmission of the programmes of the group of television companies with the highest audience reach will be carried out by Hungaro DigiTel and Intelsat professionals, both companies have outstanding expertise and experience. Intelsat is one of the world’s most trusted satellite telecommunications providers, and we look forward to working with the group.”

– Péter Fekete, Managing Director, Hungaro DigiTel Ltd
Reach of 1.8 million of viewers across Hungary, enabling Hungaro DigiTel to offer TV2 a strong presence in Hungary and in the neighboring countries
Avoidance of risks related to a technically challenging implementation, enabling Hungaro DigiTel to focus on its core activity and other aspects of the implementation of the solution
Co-location with leading platforms, programmers and channels, providing assurance of the reliability of the solution and its potential growth in the future