In August 2021, a powerful earthquake hit southern Haiti at 10 times the strength of the 2010 earthquake that devastated Port Au’ Prince causing severe damage to terrestrial communication networks. HELP.NGO, an experienced international disaster response team – trained to respond quickly to emergencies when existing communication networks fail – set out on a mission to mobilize resources and equipment with the goal of restoring connectivity rapidly. The team quickly deployed to the epicenter to assess the earthquake damage.


Timely data gathering and rapid assessments were essential to enabling immediate damage evaluation, mapping and emergency connectivity required by the Haitian government. Additionally, HELP.NGO needed to mobilize resources, personnel, and equipment in order to collect imagery of remote sites and to prioritize immediate assistance.


Using the latest satellite technology and applications for situational awareness, emergency responders were able to jump-start their response with quick and efficient resource coordination.

Help.NGO quickly tapped into a fully integrated connectivity solution consisting of broadband internet access through Intelsat’s global, high-throughput satellite

(HTS) network and a Starwin portable, auto-pointing terminal. As a result, highspeed internet was used to support intelligence coordination for the United Nations, survey shots of topography and aerial images of multiple disaster sites.

Local authorities and government agencies were able to quickly determine where to deploy resources based on intel, video feeds and photos gathered.


Continuous, secure broadband internet connectivity was achieved by leveraging Intelsat’s ubiquitous, multi-layered, HTS network which allows any authorized user to connect to the internet, private data network or cloud application from anywhere in the world in just minutes.

The Starwin uSat terminal enables cost-effective portability, rapid deployment, and data speeds up to 10 x 3 Mbps.

The terminal is supported by the ST Engineering iDirect iQ modem, which is based on a future-proof, softwaredefined architecture for maximum flexibility and expansion.

“The speed of the response wouldn’t be possible without the support of our partners.”

Tony Bellevue, Project Manager, HELP.NGO

No-Fail Connectivity. No Exceptions.

Reliable data, voice, and video transfer in areas lacking terrestrial network access
Redundant and survivable solutions for mission-critical, data-intense applications
99.95% proven network uptime, even in the most hard-to-reach locations
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