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Africa Mobile Networks

Africa Mobile Networks (AMN) builds, owns, operates and maintains mobile network infrastructure, delivering services for the biggest Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) in Africa.


Airbus Defense and Space is a Division of Airbus. It is the No. 1 defense and space player in Europe, delivering innovative and sustainable defense, security and space solutions for a safe and united world.

APT Mobile Satcom

APT Mobile SatCom Limited provides high throughput satellite (HTS) communication service for all land, sea and air. In the next few years, APT Mobile SatCom will establish the first global broadband satellite communication system of China.

Arion Communications

Arion Communication’s customers include Military, Government, Maritime, Enterprises and consumers. Solutions include networking, system integration, managed network services, security transaction, Internet, broadband and interactive distance education based on satellite network.


Applied Satellite Technology Ltd (AST) is an independent provider of end-to-end remote communication services with 30 years’ experience in delivering solutions in both maritime and land-based sectors.

Atlantic Radio Telephone

Atlantic Radio Telephone provides communication and navigation solutions to individuals and organizations who find themselves “off the grid.” They provide sales, support, installation, integration and repair services to customers' maritime, military, first responders, utilities, aviation and more.

Aurora Australis Network

Focussed on design, delivery and operation of IP connectivity for organisations operating in remote areas and demanding environments; Covering fixed, Comms on the Move and Comms on the Pause requirements.

Australian Private Networks

Australian Private Networks (APN) is a leading provider of satellite communications to Government, Enterprise and Communities in regional and remote Australia. For nearly two decades, APN has been producing bespoke solutions to solve unique communications challenges.


Av-Comm simplifies satellite communications technology, providing equipment and solutions that ensure the delivery of your organization’s communications requirements.

The Intelsat Solutions Partner Program offers you the tools, training, and support you need to accelerate business growth, boost revenue, and tap into new markets. Combine Intelsat’s innovative, reliable solutions with your own expertise and capabilities to expand your business.

  • Marketing Tools – Leverage Intelsat’s sales/marketing support, product information, training and go-to-market message development to generate demand and drive revenue.
  • Sales Enablement – Tap into the expertise of Intelsat Solutions Partner Program managers, marketing, communications, and other partner champions to help you grow your business. 
  • Market Development Funds – Assist your growth into new markets or expanding to new technologies.
  • Growth Incentives – Increase your margins and revenues with incentive programs once you achieve your agreed-upon goals.

With marketing tools and incentive programs to expand your reach and accelerate your sales, Intelsat works with our carefully selected partners to develop plans that address the unique needs of their markets.

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