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Government Land Mobility

FlexGround qualified terminals: L3 Shadow L3 Panther II (60cm & 96cm) ... Read More


Land Mobility

FlexMove qualified terminals: mTenna u7 (70cm) ... Read More


Land Mobility


Government Maritime

FlexMaritime qualified terminals: Sailor 600 VSAT Ku-band (65cm) Sailor 800 VSAT Ku-band (80 cm) Sailor 800 VSAT Ku-band (1m) Additional legacy antennas Sea Tel 4009 DAC (1m) Sea Tel 4012 (1m) Sea Tel 6012 (1.5m) ... Read More

APT Mobile Satcom

Land Mobility Maritime

About APT Mobile Satcom Limited APT Mobile Satcom Limited (APSATCOM) was incorporated in Shenzhen, China in July 2016, committed to building an Integrative Space-Ground Self-Controllable Global Broadband Satellite Communications System through launching three or four satellites. The first satellite, APSTAR-6D, will be launched and in-service at th ... Read More