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Intelsat Serves the Majority of the World’s Top MNOs

Intelsat CellBackhaul allows you to economically extend global cellular broadband to places
terrestrial networks can’t reach or have become unavailable. That means broader possibilities
for mobile network providers and the communities you serve.

Global Coverage
Extend coverage to more communities, users, and things. Intelsat’s fleet of geostationary satellites covers 99% of the world’s populated areas.
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Fast Deployment
Building out terrestrial cellular coverage into rural and hard-to-reach areas takes time. Why wait?
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Network Continuity
Strengthen networks with satellite backhaul to keep users connected when terrestrial network outages occur.
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End-to-end Support
Use a partner—not another vendor. From design and consultation to installation and everyday support, Intelsat delivers unrivaled, personalized service.

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Delivering More Connectivity in More Ways

Extend Remote and Rural Coverage

Economically extend services to users, regardless of how far they are from the network core or how challenging the terrain is. No need to build out fiber lines or deploy microwave.

Overcome the Challenges of Ubiquitous Coverage

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Short-term Cellular Coverage

Intelsat CellBackhaul allows you to turn on temporary connectivity whenever and wherever it’s needed: for concerts and events, travel hot spots, seasonal destinations, and more. If there’s a road, there’s a way. Intelsat can provide connectivity to mobile cell towers—delivering high-performance connectivity anywhere you can tow a trailer.

Deliver Seasonal Cellular Connectivity

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Disaster Response

Intelsat provides global, high-throughput connectivity that benefits people and organizations every day. But what about unforeseen events like natural disasters or humanitarian crises? When terrestrial communications infrastructure weakens or fails completely, quick-to-deploy satellite solutions serve as a lifeline for emergency service providers and those in need.

How We Helped During Hurricane Ian

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Vodacom DRC
Telefónica Germany
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