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Connectivity for the Next Generation of Naval Operations

Deliver the reach, redundancy, and scalability needed to power mission-critical naval operations.

Government and NGO maritime vessels rely heavily on satellite networks for blue water, littoral, emergency response, and allied naval communications around the globe. Resilient connectivity is crucial for maintaining situational awareness, enabling special military and IoT applications, and having effective communication with remote locations. Satellites also enable surveillance, weather monitoring, and search and rescue, border, and cross-domain military operations.

Intelsat satellite services for military operations include features such as encryption, security for data in motion and at rest, and priority access to satellite bandwidth.

Dedicated global coverage ensures redundancy over global maritime operations
Adaptable subscription options support regional or global coverage options to meet changes in mission requirements
Speeds up to 15/2Mbps enable a consistent experience
The only commercial satellite operator with independent SOC 3 certification

NEW! 45cm Antenna Class

Small, affordable, easy-to-install maritime terminals bring fast data speeds to government, emergency response, fishing, workboats, leisure and recreational vessels around the world.

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