Moments Matter

Enabling essential communications, real-time situational awareness, and seamless coordination is vital to government teams on the ground. When moments matter, resilient, high-speed connectivity makes the difference.

FlexMove for Government

Made for Mission Success

FlexMove is a complete, end-to-end managed service solution specifically engineered to meet the comms-on-the-pause (COTP) and comms-on-the-move (COTM) connectivity needs of land-mobile operations. Now, defense and emergency management teams are equipped with the speed and reliability they need for mission success when and where it’s needed most.

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Made for Mission Success

A No-fail Network, No Exceptions

Leveraging the largest high-throughput satellite (HTS) network in the world, along with the IntelsatOne terrestrial network and seamless managed services, FlexMove delivers the rock-solid, end-to-end connectivity and agility needed for operations to run at their very best, anywhere in the world—no matter what.


Managed Services

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Through overlapping wide and spot beams, Intelsat General delivers the full power of a multi-layered Ku-band HTS network to our customers. Signing up for one of a variety of subscription plans means you have immediate access to existing capacity at a moment’s notice.

Capable of data rates of up to 10 Mbps x 3 Mbps, FlexMove effortlessly supports the high-performance video, voice, and data and communications applications teams need to respond with confidence.

Coverage Map

Intelsat General Satellite Coverage Map

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Disaster Response
Border Control
National Guard
Dept. of Defense

Disaster Response
and Recovery

FlexGround Comms-on-the-Move and Manpack solutions are specifically engineered to meet the real-time connectivity needs of local, state, and federal emergency management teams when communications infrastructure is disabled or destroyed due to a natural disaster.

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Border Control

Border Control officers often operate beyond the coverage of cellular and terrestrial networks. FlexMove Comms-on-the-Move and Manpack systems provide the broadband connectivity for critical data, voice, and video applications—enabling teams to do their jobs safely and effectively.

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National Guard

From supporting state and local emergencies to combat operations, the National Guard is “Always Ready, Always There.”

FlexMove Comms-on-the-Move and Manpack systems deliver the broadband connectivity to power communications across multiple domains and mission partners.

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Department of Defense

Secure, mobile broadband is critical to accessing vital data, voice, and video applications in multi-domain environments.

FlexMove Comms-On-The Move and Manpack systems deliver the critical capacity and intelligence to enable decision superiority.

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Flexible Pricing Plans

Leasing bandwidth full-time is costly, especially if it’s sitting idle. FlexMove users get affordable pricing on their communications services with pay-as-you-go, monthly, unlimited, and pooling payment structures formulated to fit their exact needs.

FlexMove is available through existing GSA Federal Acquisition Service website. Search for "Intelsat General"

Can Your Team Afford to Wait?

Ease of Use

Managed services take the complexity out of SATCOM—simplifying your operations with the ease of a cell phone plan.

Less Risk

With over 50+ years of expertise in delivering satellite communications to the most demanding customers on Earth, Intelsat General can guarantee the highest availability.

Lower Capital Expenditure

Intelsat General owns and operates the entire existing hub and infrastructure, so there’s no need to build and run your own.

Assured Interoperability

FlexMove is designed to work with a wide variety of low SWaP terminals pre-approved on the FlexMove network.

Critical Support

Network engineers at our Secure Operations Center (ISOC) use state-of-the-art technology to monitor and troubleshoot connectivity around the clock.

Experience in the field

Many of Intelsat General’s engineers are from government and military backgrounds, making them uniquely qualified to respond to critical events as they arise.

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