White Paper: Technical Incompatibility Between C-band and 5G 

Prior to allowing terrestrial mobile services in any segment of the 3,400-4,200 MHz band range, technical rules must be adopted to ensure C-band FSS operations are protected. This white paper addresses the specific mitigation techniques required, which are based on various factors, including the extent to which C-band earth stations are deployed in a country or region, whether the earth station locations are known or not known, and the operational parameters of the mobile service and its planned deployment. It is incumbent upon each regulator to analyze the use of C-band spectrum and establish and implement mitigation techniques to ensure current and future C-band FSS services can continue to operate and thrive.

Recommended Filter Specifications

Intelsat has created recommended filter specifications for various C-band ranges to protect C-band FSS earth station receivers from LNA/LNB saturation. These recommended spec sheets may be shared with vendors to ensure the appropriate filtering is applied to earth station receivers based on regulatory activity in various countries.

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