An aurora of green and blue lights An aurora of green and blue lights An aurora of green and blue lights An aurora of green and blue lights An aurora of green and blue lights


Experience simple, seamless, and secure connectivity, precisely when and where you need it, across land, air, and sea.

Grow with us as we evolve our network to answer the call for high-speed, reliable, simple coverage on a global scale. The expanding Intelsat network of the future features new, software-defined satellites and architecture, all unified within an ecosystem of leading technology, network providers and partners. We will set the standard in 5G connectivity and uninterrupted global broadband service with unrivaled coverage, economics, and performance.

Unifying the Global Network Ecosystem


Intelsat’s unified network will integrate the multiple orbits and bands of today’s satellite and terrestrial networks into one single software-defined, 5G network—setting a new standard for resiliency, reliability, and reach.


Adopting a standards-based architecture provides seamless interoperability with customer and partner networks— ensuring frictionless connectivity today and tomorrow.


Our highly secure, multi-layered infrastructure will continue to serve the essential needs of the world’s governments, telecoms, and media companies, now across any device, on any network.

The Interactive Network Experience

Navigate multiple orbits and see how we bring virtualization to life for customers across diverse industries who can realize the power, resilience and flexibility of our fully integrated software-defined network of the future.

*Interactive Network Experience best viewed on desktop.

Empowering Our Customers’ Growth

From media to maritime, government to mobile network operations, we’re virtualizing and growing our existing network to serve your growth.


Land Mobility

Telco / ISP






The highest speed across geographies and user densities delivers on SLAs, while providing an improved, all-in-one experience.


The power of software-defined assets, a 5G core, and cloud services on a global scale achieves ubiquitous access.


SOC-3 compliance and security protocols protect your information.


High quality of service without disruption, especially in the face of unforeseen events.


Performance is maintained while providing support for rapid expansion of traffic and devices.


Efficient use of capital and bandwidth, coupled with a low total cost of ownership, results in superior economics.

A jet airplane soaring through the clouds

A Customer Experience To Match Expectations

Not only are we future-proofing your network investments, we’re also transforming your service experience with automated, easy-access management controls and provisioning.


Powerful, simple, and cost-effective user terminals make it easy to get on and off the network.


Provisioning takes hours, not weeks. And commissioning takes minutes, not hours.


A unified portal elevates the digital customer experience.

Software-defined Satellites

Eliminate Network Bottlenecks

Intelsat has more than ten software-defined satellites planned, and two already in production. They allow bandwidth to be dynamically adapted and concentrate connectivity where demand is highest.

​​Follow-me beams react to commands from terminals and hubs, providing continuous connectivity over land, sea, and air, resulting in uninterrupted, high-quality service for aircraft and ships.


Universal 5G Standard

Enable Frictionless Roaming

Leveraging industry standards such as 5G, 3GPP, ETSI MANO, and MEF, Intelsat’s unified network facilitates mass-scalability and flexible integration with—and expansion of—global telco networks. As a result, satellite connectivity will become an integral ingredient of telco networks, enabling them to expand to mobility and remote situations that terrestrial systems cannot access.

Networks End-Users Authentication and Service Delivery Peer and Roaming Agreements

Smart Edge Terminals

Extend Control to the Edge

A host of new end-user terminals, including flat panel antennas, edge compute and software-defined modems, enable the extension of 5G networks, and local deployment of high-value applications, as well as multi-layered networking.

GEO (SDS) WAN-1 Next Gen SDN Core (5G) IntelsatOne 2.0 SDN WAN-2 WAN-3 WAN-N VNF-2 VNF-1 VNF-3 Managed Compute LAN Interface Open vSwitch (OVS) GEO (Legacy) NGSO Terrestrial Network Smart Edge Terminals

Built to Adapt, Perform, and Scale

Software-Defined Satellites

Eliminate Network Bottlenecks

Universal 5G Standard

Enable Frictionless Roaming

Smart Edge Terminals

Extend Control To the Edge

From the Pioneering Leader in Hybrid Network Communications

For 60 years, governments and industry leaders have trusted Intelsat, owner of the world’s largest integrated space and ground-based network, to power their connectivity needs around the world, from mission-critical communications, to content delivery and global operations.

Pioneering Innovation

As the foundational architects of satellite technology, we’ve always looked forward. We continue to lead the industry in innovation today.

Powerful Partnerships

Our passionate and dedicated experts deliver fully-managed solutions, guaranteed service quality, and world-class, regional support.

Industry Leadership

We are uniquely positioned to transition the industry from a sea of competitors to a community of partners.

Service Leadership

With the integration of Gogo Commercial Aviation and strengthened with new financial resources, we’re forging a bold new era of innovation and expansion.




Teleports & PoPs*


Fiber miles


Daily IntelsatOne traffic

We are building upon the world’s largest integrated satellite and terrestrial network to reshape the global communications landscape.

We deliver TV and radio content to more than 500 million households worldwide

We’re the largest provider of satellite capacity to the U.S. government

We serve the majority of the world’s top 10 mobile network operators

We provide inflight connectivity to 25 commercial airline partners and nearly 3,000 aircraft

*includes partner teleports

An aurora of green and blue lights An aurora of green and blue lights An aurora of green and blue lights An aurora of green and blue lights An aurora of green and blue lights

How We Will Get There:
Building on Excellence

Building on our history of innovative firsts, we’re investing over $2B in the first stage of our next-generation managed system, supported by the strength of our existing high-performance space and terrestrial network.


Space, Ground, and Platforms

Our first two software-defined satellites are currently in production, as is ground system virtualization, a new service orchestration platform, mobile core, customer interface portal, system-wide monitoring platform, smart-edge devices, and flat-panel antenna prototypes.


A dividing line icon A dividing line icon
Capability Introduction
and Rollout

Our first next-gen satellites come online in this phase—bringing software-defined network services with them. Continued buildout of service capabilities and rolling product launches will bridge to a truly unified, global network. Among other benefits, this will provide demand-based, high-throughput, seamless bandwidth availability, automated plug-and-play integration with partner networks.


Global SDN Deployment

We will launch our software-defined network services globally, followed by continuous product and service expansion, and integration of third-party network peering.

It’s a bold new future only we can build.
And it’s happening now.
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