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Intelsat has you covered from ground to orbit, starting with your initial satellite conceptual design, proposal development and evaluation, procurement, build, all the way to launch and operational acceptance. Our highly experienced teams ensure design, manufacturing, and launch services are executed according to contractual and technical specifications, with a focus on delivering performance, efficiency, security, schedule and cost advantages.

Satellite Construction Oversight Services

Becoming great at anything takes practice, practice and more practice. When you work with Intelsat, you have the foundational architects of satellite technology guiding you every step of the way.

  • Manufacturer Engagement: Our Program Managers and Engineers work side-by-side with the satellite manufacturer for the entire build of the spacecraft. They are the eyes, ears and voice of Intelsat, and our customers’ closest advocates. Your success is our success.
  • Flight-proven Technologies: Intelsat procures and builds only tried-and-true technology, often conducting rigorous testing for a year or more before signing a procurement contract. We do the same for you.
  • Breadth of Satellite Experience: Intelsat has procured over 145 GEO satellites since our inception in 1964. We have experience in operating 14 different types of satellite buses, and we can confidently recommend the right type of satellite for your specific applications.
  • Technical Continuity Throughout the Process: We assign our Project Managers and Engineers for the duration of the design process. This continuity minimizes risk, enhances team dynamics, improves schedule performance, and delivers the reliability customers expect and deserve.

Hosted Payload Services

Customers often leverage an Intelsat commercial satellite bus to gain timely and economical access to geosynchronous orbit. A satellite bus or spacecraft bus is a general model on which multiple production satellite spacecraft are often based. The bus is the infrastructure of the spacecraft, usually providing locations for the payload (typically space experiments or instruments).

Bus-derived satellites are usually customized to customer requirements, for example with specialized sensors or transponders, in order to achieve a specific mission.

They are commonly used for geosynchronous satellites, particularly communications satellites like ours.

Each year, Intelsat typically procures two to three spacecraft. Each satellite presents an opportunity to host custom payloads. Hosted Payloads offer:

  • Design and construction oversight
  • Payload integration, testing and monitoring
  • Optional integration with the satellite bus

Sharing of a spacecraft bus platform and the “ride” into geostationary orbit offers you numerous benefits, including significant cost savings, faster time-to-market and a platform to demonstrate new technologies.

We believe the sum is always greater than the parts, and this principle holds true regarding our partner support of Hosted Payloads. Over the years, Intelsat forged a variety of mutually beneficial partnerships around the world, and continue to demonstrate the value of cooperation.

Do you have a special payload or sensor package and need a cost effective procurement and launch solution? Let’s talk. A hosted payload approach can leverage a future Intelsat commercial satellite(s) to gain economical and timely access to space.

Regulatory Services

With the pace of change accelerating, the Regulatory framework is continuously evolving and it becomes imperative to know how to navigate this complex system. Over the decades, Intelsat has learned the ins and outs of the process and have a team of experts who can guide you into accessing space segments that can be hard to attain without knowledge of critical, regulatory-specific measures.

Our dedicated in-house Regulatory team and global partners help you maximize your orbit resource and overcome any regulatory challenges. Below are some regulatory services that we provide:

  • Submission and maintenance of International Telecommunications Union (ITU) filings
  • Coordination of all satellite networks associated with the ITU filings
  • Feasibility analysis of new scenarios stemming from changes in the deployment of new satellites or new orbital locations
  • Participation in ITU meetings and other regional meetings
  • Management of technical aspects of license applications

Launch Management Services

After the build of your satellite, preparing for launch is one of the most critical stages which requires rigorous verification activities. With some of the highest success rates in our industry, you can rest assured knowing that your launch is in the best hands. Intelsat has worked with every major spacecraft and launch service provider, successfully launching more than 145 spacecraft from six different manufacturers, on 10 different launch vehicles — with additional launches on the horizon.

When you choose our launch management services, you not only benefit from Intelsat’s expertise, but also an extensive network of our launch provider relationships. Additionally, you gain expert recommendations from us including ideal launch vehicles, taking into account satellite mass and orbit conditions.

We also support all aspects of launch vehicle procurement to ensure a successful acquisition and integration with the satellite, including:

  • Deep launch expertise and success rates means that your launch is in the best hands
  • Extensive network of launch provider relationships
  • Expert recommendations for ideal launch vehicles for satellite mass and orbit
  • Support in designing the RFI/RFP, managing negotiations and working with launch insurance vendors
  • Visibility into launch providers’ mission practices, launch schedules and launch-base monitoring
  • Validation of launch vehicle capability and performance analysis
  • Assistance with evaluation and procurement of launch service
  • Requirements definition and engineering support for satellite and launch vehicle integration

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