Are You Positioning Your Business for Emerging Opportunities?

The growth of your business is largely based on your ability to quickly respond to new opportunities, master new technologies, and meet your customers’ developing needs. But if you’re focused on maintaining and building out the underlying network, you miss out on opportunities to deliver end-to-end solutions that create a quality customer experience and position your company for long-term partnerships.

Customer needs can vary widely, from individual sites requiring internet access to end-to-end communications solutions for widely-distributed enterprises. From tens to hundreds of sites, from low-usage supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) and Internet of Things (IoT) networks to high-throughput video, voice, and enterprise applications, AgileCore Platform as a Service (PaaS) provides the platform and capacity-control options to propel your business forward.

Augment an Existing Network or Start from Scratch

AgileCore PaaS meets the needs of both experienced VSAT service providers and service providers who simply want to add flexible capacity to their offerings. Its options enable and support different capabilities depending on the needs of the individual service provider:

  • Service providers with existing VSAT hub NMS servers and expertise can leverage their existing servers to configure and control AgileCore PaaS hubs and capacity, adding new coverage areas or expanding existing coverage.
  • Service providers can act as a virtual network operator (VNO), accessing and configuring AgileCore PaaS via the web-based interface, to define services and SLAs for services without capital outlay for VSAT infrastructure.
  • Service providers with limited VSAT management and configuration knowledge can work with Intelsat to define services and SLAs that match their customer needs and then apply configurations to remote terminals via a point-and-click interface.

In each case, the service provider delivers customer-premise field service support and maintains the end-customer relationship.

With AgileCore PaaS, you’ll have access to Intelsat’s combination of terrestrial and space-based infrastructure to meet a variety of customer needs and business applications. You’ll deliver the high-availability demanded by enterprise customers – regardless of terrain or climate – and gain peace of mind knowing that you can reliably connect regions without access to terrestrial alternatives, or complement connectivity for extra Ku- and C-band capacity. And our globally-distributed, world-class data centers deliver diverse, high-speed connectivity to Tier-1 Internet Service Providers (ISPs) or our own carrier-class IP/MPLS network to meet your private and public networking needs.


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