Advanced Trunking with Managed WAN Optimization

Your success as a communications service provider depends on moving beyond raw bandwidth, to delivering reliable, integrated solutions tailored to fit the needs of your end-users. Your business grows as you engage customers in discussions about their needs when new trends and requirements emerge.

When you leverage AgileCore UX, Intelsat’s advanced trunking solution, you can optimize your connectivity to provide superior performance and reliability for growing application needs.

Differentiate Your Customers’ Experience and Elevate Your Customer Relationships

While overall internet traffic growth shows no sign of slowing, it’s outpaced by growth in specific applications that are dominating the lives of consumers and businesses alike.

You’ll improve your end-users’ quality of experience for those applications and increase overall service reliability when you harness the combined benefits of Intelsat wide beam and Epic capacity, the integrated IntelsatOne terrestrial network, a consistent monthly cost, and managed WAN optimization. Deliver high-throughput connectivity to businesses and communities across the globe and provide a new and differentiated customer experience.

Accelerate Your Users’ Application Experience

With AgileCore UX, you’re positioned to address your customer needs whether they include “simple” internet access or stable, high-availability connectivity to support enterprise applications. You’ll ensure connectivity in any climate with dependable Ku- and C-band capacity.

AgileCore UX optimizes IP traffic to deliver a new end-to-end experience for all your customers. A combination of inbound and outbound traffic shaping, enhanced TCP, remote web and byte caching, and video optimization offers a host of benefits. It reduces page load times, speeds file delivery, and virtually eliminates video buffering — improvements that users will notice, now and into the future.

Reliably connect regions without access to fiber, or complement fiber-based trunking for extra capacity and peace-of-mind. With only simple, fixed remote antennas — sometimes even leveraging your existing remotes — reduce the complexity and potential for failure in-region. You can leverage our world-class data centers in over a dozen global locations to deliver diverse, high-speed connectivity to Tier-1 ISPs, our own carrier-class IP/MPLS network, or cloud-based services to meet both private and public networking needs.

With AgileCore UX and Intelsat’s Managed Services, You Can:

  • Eliminate new remote-site antenna costs if you use an existing antenna, or reduce costs for new deployments by starting with a new 2.4m C-band antenna and 20W BUC
  • Reduce maintenance, reduce jitter, and improve availability of overall throughput with dependable, fixed antennas
  • Reduce barriers to expand and improve startup economics with starting commitments at low as 100 Mbps
  • Reduce operational cost and effort, improve page load times and customer experience with included TCP acceleration and caching
  • Remove bandwidth and service impacts due to rain fade by leveraging proven Intelsat Epic C-band and Ku-band service

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