Solving the Secure Connection Challenge

The Intelsat Epic advanced digital payload creates an enhanced environment for battling interference and for mitigating jamming, thereby helping to assure government organizations of coverage and connectivity for any operation, in any environment, anywhere in the world — without interruption.

The Intelsat Information Security program focuses on prevention and restoration by taking a systematic defense-in-depth approach that detects, prevents, and mitigates attacks, enhancing resilience and mission assurance in its satellite, ground, and network infrastructures. Further, Intelsat maintains a comprehensive Information Assurance assessment and remediation program that includes:

  • Annual penetration assessments
  • Organization-wide control assessments
  • Third-party Service Organization Control 3 (SOC3) audits against Intelsat satellite and terrestrial service environments, including Intelsat’s satellite commanding, teleport, terrestrial, and service management infrastructure and relevant service procedures

The Intelsat Secure Network Offers:

  • Compliance with the DoD’s strict information cybersecurity standards, meeting and often exceeding DoD Instruction 8500.01 and NIST Risk Management Framework (RMF) cybersecurity recommendations.
  • End-to-end network security through complete control over our Intelsat terrestrial and space segments.
  • The Intelsat Epic advanced digital payload provides enhanced protection against jamming and interference through spot-beam technology, wider bandwidth beams and frequency notching.
  • The Intelsat Epic platform is compatible with the U.S. Air Force’s protected tactical waveform enabling an extra layer of defense for government communications and delivering more resiliency, more throughput and more efficient utilization of bandwidth.
  • Active involvement in security industry groups such as the Commercial Space INFOSEC Working Group (CSIWG), the Global VSAT Forum (GVF) Security Task Force and the COMM-ISAC.

Our Stringent Security Measures Keep Your Information Safe


Intelsat General Security Operations Center

Separated from the Intelsat corporate network with perimeter devices and firewalls, the Information Security Operations Center (ISOC) ensures customer security and anonymity through access controls, systems, and procedures.

  • Manages diverse, global integrated networks for high-demand customers
  • Supplies a single access point to Intelsat network operations and third-party satellite and ground network capabilities
  • Provides awareness and, resolution of faults, interference, outages, maintenance, and other service performance issues

For operational service and technical inquiries, please contact our Secure Operations Center (ISOC) here or at (800) 814-7717 or (404) 381-2727.

Spectrum Monitoring

With a global system of stations monitoring the Intelsat satellite fleet, you receive value-added insight into your network operations. We routinely assess quality of service (QoS) on a proactive basis, providing you with information in near real time, with low-cost web access to our system interfaces so that you can determine performance versus reference data and track operations over a period of time.

You can also co-locate your own monitoring equipment for use with our antennas. Our monitoring services offer:

  • Worldwide Communications System Monitor (CSM) and Remote Spectrum Analyzer Network (RSAN) stations to provide information on satellite power and bandwidth performance versus capability
  • Transmitter Location System (TLS) to identify interfering signals to quickly restore your service
  • Alarm notifications and limit checking via email
  • Low-rate monitoring of carriers performed four times per day with standard system analysis.
  • Positive control with a measurement frequency of 48 times per day or higher
  • Web interface to over 20 measured, calculated, and reference monitoring parameters
  • Tabulated or plotted data for several measured parameters

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