End-to-End Managed Service for Airborne Applications

The ability to communicate directly with ground troops for command and control is non-negotiable during in-theater operations. We support the full spectrum of mission command, including real-time air space management, logistics, intelligence, and Situation Reports (Sitreps). Intelsat FlexAir for Government managed services for government aircraft provides real-time high data rate connectivity to aircraft-transporting equipment and people around the globe.

Intelsat FlexAir for Government provides up to 10 times the data throughput of other managed networks to meet rapidly growing demand for inflight connectivity.

Airborne Intelligence, Surveillance, andĀ 
Reconnaissance (ISR)

As a trusted partner to the U.S. and global defense agencies, we are dedicated to the future of mission-critical applications. Our global, high-throughput satellite platform–Intelsat Epic, enables links that are two to three times more efficient than traditional wide-beam satellites using small antennas on unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Read our white paper for more information on Airborne ISR missions with IGC.

Solutions to Accommodate UAV and Manned ISR Operations

  • Support for high data rate communications as well as command and control links
  • Integration support of Comms-on-the-Move (COTM) land, sea, airborne, and manpack operations
  • Solutions for a full suite of en-route communications for command leadership
  • Support for full-motion and high-definition video
  • Support of global operationsĀ 
  • Unique wide band channelization to support simultaneous missions
  • High data rates using sub-1 meter antennas
  • Support for littoral water operations extending more than 300 nautical miles out to sea
  • Solutions for homeland security, emergency-response and disaster-recovery operations, as well as new applications such as agriculture and pipeline surveys

Reliable, Secure Broadband Connectivity in the Air

Whether responding to an emergency situation, running an ISR operation, or executing other mission-critical activities, the importance of secure, reliable, global connectivity cannot be overstated for government aircraft and must remain a top priority to ensure the safety and success of any mission.

With our secure, global network, you can have broadband mobile connectivity at speeds that dwarf legacy narrow band solutions, whether for en-route communications, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance missions, or remote operations. We provide:

  • Seamless network of Ku-band mobility beams for key mobile transport routes worldwide
  • Always-on broadband at committed information rates and fixed costs
  • Automatic beam switching for seamless connectivity
  • Antenna sizes as small as 30cm

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