One Place for Cloud Access and Video Services

The ability to securely retrieve content to and from the cloud while maintaining distribution reliability is a critical focus of programmers. Now, you no longer need to choose between the benefits of cloud services and the ability to be on a private network. Cloud Connect Media uses the reach and power of Intelsat’s global media network to directly connect users to cloud infrastructures through private gateways.

Global Reach, Private Network Access

With Cloud Connect Media, programmers can leverage the power of the cloud from virtually anywhere with equal consistency and security. Connecting to Amazon Web Services (AWS) Direct Connect, Cloud Connect Media provides customers with the ability to access their cloud services while still being able to utilize Intelsat’s full suite of managed services such as the ability to uplink and/or downlink to key satellites and teleports, colocation, and much more.
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Cloud Accessibility is Advancing Video Services

Content Archiving and Storage

The ability to archive and store video is essential to a broadcaster’s workflow. However, many current options create silos between where the content is stored and where it needs to go in order to efficiently reach viewers. Cloud Connect Media provides the ability to store your video streams directly in the cloud where further processing can be handled, or backup copies can be stored while effectively never leaving the Intelsat media distribution network.

Regional and Global Video Distribution

When considering networks for video distribution, it’s commonly thought there must be a tradeoff between utilizing cloud services, or keeping content within a private, more reliable network. With Cloud Connect Media, your cloud services are an extension of the secure Intelsat media network, including terrestrial and satellite services. Your video can now be easily sent from the cloud, over the Intelsat infrastructure and ultimately distributed anywhere in the world.

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