Resiliency and Performance Where Customers Need It

An Enterprise’s network is their lifeline, fueling the ability to seize emerging opportunities, speed up decision-making, and bring more value to customers. Hyperconnectivity is now a global phenomenon and businesses depend upon access to the right information, applications, secure networks, and productivity tools — everywhere their customers take them. With a full suite of end-to-end turnkey managed connectivity services and wholesale capacity-only options, you can build the service to suit your capabilities and needs today and into the future.

Connect, Expand, and Protect — Quickly and Seamlessly

Intelsat Enterprise-grade Private Networking, Trunking, and Internet services quickly extend coverage to remote locations, provide diverse-route network resiliency that’s immune to terrestrial network outages, and add services in entirely new regions of the world. Turn your possibilities into reality with: 

  • High-performance connectivity to the cloud, the public internet, SD-WAN and Multi-protocol Label Switching networks
  • Increased resiliency– site-by-site or across entire regions
  • Optimized and increased network capacity, resulting in better user experiences thanks to integrated traffic- and application-optimization features
  • Rapidly extended network coverage — to locations and workers that can’t be economically reached with other technologies
  • Consumer- and business-grade broadband services seamlessly enabled across urban, peri-urban, rural, and remote areas

Whether customers demand access to business-critical enterprise applications or live video streaming; to a single site or to power an entire region, Intelsat Enterprise Networking services enable you to connect businesses and users to their applications from anywhere in the world – quickly, cost-effectively, and with performance like never before.

Explore our services

Dynamic WAN Solution – AgileCore PaaS

Eliminate deployment costs to deliver high-throughput connectivity to customer locations across the globe with Intelsat’s managed AgileCore PaaS solution.


Global Enterprise Networking – FlexEnterprise

FlexEnterprise is a managed platform that allows network service providers and integrators to incorporate high-throughput satellite technology into private networks.


Performance-optimized Trunking – AgileCore UX

With Intelsat AgileCore UX, you can optimize your connectivity to provide superior performance and reliability for growing application needs.


Cloud Connect

Cloud Connect uses the reach and power of Intelsat’s high-throughput satellite and ground networks to directly connect users to cloud infrastructure through our private cloud gateways.



For telecom providers, service providers and enterprises, delivering an exceptional user experience is key to growing business and driving productivity. AgileCoreP2P delivers reliable connectivity to meet your customers’ needs.


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