By Jean-Philippe Gillet, Vice President and General Manager, Networks One of the primary values of satellite service has been (and will likely always be) the ability to connect businesses and communities from anywhere around the globe. That’s the value Intelsat has traditionally brought to our customers: enterprises and ISPs depend on the reach and reliability of Intelsat’s space and ground networks and integrate those with their own capabilities to deliver end-to-end solutions to enable a diverse and global set of customers. Meanwhile, those customers are increasingly realizing the benefits of a whole new set of Intelsat services – professional services that include logistics support, installation services, financing, and network optimization, to name a few. From global telecoms providers and regional ISPs to multinational enterprises, customers are spurring new business and growth with the help of Intelsat managed solutions that grow beyond capacity and reach, enabling new business models and delivering new capabilities and connections. Some examples of how customers are benefiting:
  • Regional partners improve speed to market when we invest in new strategic initiatives, facilitate the shipping and staging of new equipment in new service regions, and manage their migration from one network technology to another.
  • Service providers and large enterprises deliver massive capacity to users while driving a new level of user experience – performance and reliability that bests alternative satellite solutions and even rivals terrestrial alternatives – when we integrate efficiency-enhancing components with the proven reliability of our 50-satellite fleet.
  • Customers will be able to deliver more relevant, secure, and agile solutions to businesses and communities – wherever they may be – as we expand the capabilities of our global MPLS network, adding cloud connectivity, security services, and application partners to our existing infrastructure of over 40 datacenters and more than 100 POPs.
As space connectivity becomes a part of the mainstream telecom toolkit, we have the opportunity to optimize and transform today’s communications platforms, integrate them with new emerging technologies, and create new options for stronger, more dependable, and more flexible end-to-end telecommunication solutions. Service providers can explore new business models and develop deeper relationships with their customers; in turn, those customers can seize new opportunities. Moving forward, we look to answer the question: What else can be achieved when we take Intelsat’s technology and services even further? When we leverage our reach to bring the cloud closer, for example, even the most remote communities are enabled to do business in today’s connected world. When we integrate our coverage and reliability into SD-WAN services, branch offices become more resilient, its users more productive. When we grow our partner ecosystem with companies that are both established and new, we deliver new features and functionality that help our customers address needs now and into the future. Intelsat is positioned to play a key role in the ongoing transformation of telecommunications, where network capabilities and infrastructure adapt more quickly to emerging needs and applications. With user expectations constantly evolving, our platforms and services are also evolving to deliver new functionality and address new challenges, driving forward with our customers and expanding what they can accomplish. As we expand our capabilities beyond space platforms, adding new state-of-the-art technology and creating new value-enhancing features, Intelsat customers derive more value, more benefit, and more options to deliver their own services to businesses and communities of all sizes all around the globe. When we combine our assets in space with our investments and service expansion on the ground, our customers – and our customers’ customers – are enabled to seize new opportunities and thrive in an ever more connected world.