Like the rest of technology, the satellite and space industry is rapidly evolving. In an effort to keep customers up to date on the latest innovations, Intelsat General partner Kratos is producing Constellations, a podcast featuring top influencers in satellite and new space. The first edition of Constellations features the president of Intelsat General Corp., our very own Skot Butler. In the Constellations podcast, Skot talks about the concepts involved in “new space” and where Intelsat fits within the larger picture. He presents a high-level overview of innovations both in space and on the ground as they relate to Big Data, the Internet of Things (IoT), and mobility. This includes how high-throughput satellites and small, flat panel antennas are combining to enable rapid decision making in aviation, maritime, and other critical operations. Listeners will also learn how Intelsat is providing global satellite coverage through its partnership with OneWeb to enable connectivity both in the air and on the ground. Learn how the form factor of antennas is evolving and how antennas are making it easier for customers to join the network. You’ll get a sense of the scope of the data being transmitted by the IoT today and where we’re headed in the future.